Olivier, where did the year go?

Today Olivier is ONE. As in, no longer a "baby". And I just don't know where the year went.

It's been so accurately said that the early season of parenting is marked by long days and short years. This was definitely a short year full of long days.

Oli was a bit harder to "sleep train" than Lily (even though we started sooner), so the early weeks were tough. But I knew more as a mom. Trusted myself more. Believed in my God-given abilities more. So even though they were harder days, with an extra kiddie in tow, I might be inclined to say they were better than Lily's early days. Which were often marked by doubt, frustration, fear, and confusion.

But like his sister, when he started sleeping through the night (around 3-4 months, can't really remember now) it was a whole new world for me. He was always a joy (deep deep down) but once I was less sleep deprived and was holding my own, I was able to really enJOY him. And oh, how I have.

Oli's smile is so bright, even more so now that he has five teeth in it. His eyes have become so blue though we thought he'd have Brad's brown eyes as he takes after B in almost every physical area otherwise. His crawl is rapid fast and he usually giggles with every step. He's pulling himself to standing and loves the play kitchen. Good thing he has aptly-named heroes like Jamie Oliver to look up to if he decides to keep that up :) But more likely, my gourmet Dad and his chef uncle Rob in that department.

No one makes him laugh like Lily and he seems to love trying to impress her as of late. He waves at us from across a room and is starting to blow kisses, which obviously melt me down to a puddle. His hair has began to curl in the last few months and his natural side part makes him look very French, people say.

Olivier, I long to know you better. I can't wait for the day you can tell me what you're thinking. Because I'm already so in love with my role as your Mama, and I know each year it will only get sweeter. You are the sweetest boy and I cherish you, my son.

I promise this year to stop calling you Kitten Boy and my Boyfriend and other embarrassing names because I know in Toddler-ville you'll have a reputation to hold on to ;)
I promise to keep praying for you. For you to grow up into a strong, healthy man one day. And for the little girl who will one day, Lord-willing, be your wife.
I promise to teach you about Jesus and pray one day you'll love him like me and Daddy do.

I've been loving you for 1 year and 9 months as of today. What a gift you are.


  1. ahh, happy birthday to the little one, what a great way to look back at his first year!

  2. love.
    especially, the "I've been loving you for 1 year and 9 months as of today". So true.

    and what a cutie!!! heart. breaker

  3. LOVE him!! love the curl!!! His eyes are beautiful, I love the almond shape! :) Happy birthday little boy!!

  4. What a cutie you have! :) but I have to say i really thought it was cute how you ended it... 1 year and 9months :) so many people avoid the fact that it is a baby at 9months. So glad to hear people actually saying it.