morning walks with my boy

When Lily started kindergarten at the local public school, we did everything to prepare her. We read books about going off to school, we talked it through numerous times, we prayed together about being in an all-French classroom and a new environment, we visited the school several times.

One massive oversight though, was preparing Oli, who would suddenly be alone at pre-school. Oops! Parent fail! Though they weren't together at pre-school every day, he viewed pre-school as something both he and his sister did together, and now he was a lone ranger. The first few months were HARD. Goodbyes were tear-filled and I walked away each time feeling so awful.

We changed his schedule from being two full days at pre-school to three (more frequent!) mornings (shorter days) per week and saw a huge difference! Going more regularly helped him face his fears, but shortening his days made goodbyes easier. Having the extra walk to school each morning (and home each afternoon) also gave us more one-on-one time which we've all loved. Most mornings we bike or walk through the Champ des Possibles and enjoy the quiet together. We pray and talk and savor each others company. I love these morning walks with my boy and I'm so glad he's adjusted to being at school on his own!


Life, Lately (11/15)

Time seems to be passing extra quickly now that we've got one kiddo in school, and I find myself forgetting things I swore I'd remember easily. I don't have a diary, but I do have a blog, so here goes.

Lily has learned to tie her shoes and is speaking French freely. She loves writing and desperately wants to learn to read. She recently made dog tags for all of her stuffies and wrote their names so carefully. She's starting to really love one-on-one time with Brad or I so we've been more intentional about it. On Brad's day off he gets her for lunch and the two of them will have a picnic, or when I'm reading my bible in the early morning she'll join me in the living room since she wakes first. She'll often cry when I read a particularly moving story or we play a Christian song that emphasizes the gospel. I love her tender heart and pray it always stays this way.

Oli is obsessed with Lego! It's all he wants to do every day. I have to talk him into other activities with the promise of Lego afterwards. He's incredible at details and following the instructions. I love seeing him become a big brother. For the longest time Lily was the definite oldest/leader of the pack but now Oli is a leader in his own right and takes special care of the younger kids at his play school. There's one little girl at his play school who is the same age as Chloe and he told his teachers that he would protect her because she is just like his little sister. HOW can a mom digest this!?

Chloé loves penguins!  Brad brought her back a small stuffed penguin from a random airport kiosk earlier this year and she's never been the same since! We take out penguin books from the library and watch Puffin Rock on Netflix. My sister gave her a penguin stuffy for her birthday named Percy and she recently made him a leash. It's the sweetest! She's still not saying full words, and seems to be taking after her big sister in being a late talker. This time around, though, we're not worried at all and are just enjoying the longer period before back talk begins ;)

Once again we're planning to be in Montreal for Christmas. Partly due to the challenges of traveling with little ones (two sets of our parents live 7-8 hours away by car), as well as Brad's limited time off during the holidays (we used it all up this summer). I'm also planning a couple of trips to my hometown in the new year with my sister expecting her first baby (a girl!!) so we're starting to make arrangements for what December will look like with family visiting and continuing with our own traditions.

Brad and I have had a really intense work month with national news doing a story on our church, which became several stories across several news outlets. December is promising to be much more laid back and I'm not mad about it!




I love shopping at Frank & Oak for Brad, but nothing compares to their warehouse sale once a year in the Mile-End. Their annual warehouse sale starts today and this year it's a full ten days long!
I checked it out this morning and found some awesome deals ($25 sweaters! $10 Ts! $60 blazers!). No man in your life? Please. I bought two sweaters for myself! I love men's fashion, haha!

Last winter we stocked up on dress shirts, sweaters, and T-shirts for Brad, and a year later, they're all looking brand new. Such great style and quality. Plus it's a Montreal-based company so I'm even happier to support them.

Frank & Oak Warehouse Sale
November 20-30 | 10am-9pm
160 St-Viateur E | Suite 210



credit: A Beautiful Mess
  • Halloween is also another lesser-known holiday - Reformation Day. The anniversary of the day when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church, beginning the Protestant reformation. Here's a great article explaining more. I sure love trick-or-treat candy, but this is WAY better.
  • This made me laugh. I definitely fell prey to B's foreign language knowledge when we first met at an airport in Africa. The rest is history, as they say.


    bi-lingual baby names

    I have a ton of pregnant friends right now and so many of them aren't finding out the sex nor announcing baby names. The suspense!! I've always loved finding out the sex early on as a sort of reward half way through a difficult pregnancy (aren't all pregnancies difficult? mine were!) but also so we could settle on baby names!

    In Montreal we have the added challenge of making sure our baby names are bilingual. Lily-Catherine (Lily), Olivier (Oli), and Chloé were obviously our top picks but I have a long list that I didn't get around to using.  So if you happen to be looking for a bilingual baby name, here's a few that give me big heart eyes.

    BOYS: Hugo, Felix, Oscar, Sebastien
    GIRLS: Clementine, Lucy/Lucie, Beatrice, Clara, May/Mai, Sophie