Hi friends! There are so many things that have interested me or inspired me online lately, so I thought I'd share a few favourites, plus some random thoughts and updates from me!
  • How did you feel about your childbirth experience? I loved this brave question and the thoughtful article which answers it - Are We Asking Too Much of Our Birth Stories?
  • Why you should stop wearing shoes in your house! I find most Canadians are shoes off people, but every once in a while a guest will stroll in with their shoes on and I kind of die a little inside!
  • Do you put any faith in the Enneagram? Several well informed friends have been talking about this personality test for over a year, so finally I figured I'd take a few free tests that I could find online. I took four tests and every one said I was equal parts 1 and 3 with an 8 wing. A really beautiful resource for learning more is the Sleeping At Last podcast, where he shares interesting facts and fears and strengths of each type but then fully elaborates with a bespoke song for each type. I cried listening to the One song because I felt so completely understood! Even that Ones have trouble accepting grace and are tempted to earn God's favour. I can't wait to learn more and see how this understanding can help me better know myself and others. 
  • I'm so excited that this sweet family is adopting again! Elsie gives a thorough Q + A for their second adoption that I enjoyed reading. 
  • Oli and Chloe are wearing these sweaters every few days and they look so darn cute!
  • This soup is out of this world. I've made it a few times recently! And in the Instantpot too - so easy. 


Plaid for Fall!

Maybe it's my British soul, or my new found love for Harry Potter and his house head, Professor McgGonagall, or maybe plaid is just timeless and has always been perfect for Fall? Either way, I am obsessed with plaid and jumped at the chance to partner with Vero Moda this Autumn to try some of their gorgeous transition coats.

Montreal, and really all of Canada is so diverse in it's weather that it's really tricky to limit outerwear. Even someone like me who has a capsule wardrobe for myself and my kids can easily justify several coats for all the types of weather we experience. I have a jean jacket and a beige trench coat and love both, but come late October, early November, they aren't warm enough. My winter parka is also too warm for these transition months. Vero Moda asked me if I'd like to try a few of their coats this season and I was looking for that exact coat - the one which would take me from late October until just before Christmas, and then again in late February until early April. Those awkward months where a thin jacket won't do and a down-filled coat is over-kill. 

I absolutely love this plaid coat! The rest of my outfit was thrifted - the bright blue denim skirt, braided belt, and ribbed stripe top. I'll be sharing the other choices I made in the following weeks. Thank you, Vero Moda for partnering with me on this series! 


Shop Québec - Daily Story + Kid's Story

Daily Story is a company I discovered on Instagram a few months ago and I immediately knew their sweaters would be perfect for our Fall capsule wardrobes. This Montreal-based company has a small collection every season of the perfect wardrobe staples, and recently they launched Kid's Story, their adorable kid's line!

When I had the opportunity to collaborate with Daily Story recently, I was so excited. Their sweaters are my favourite! As many of you saw on my Instagram stories, I chose the over-sized crew neck with stripes that had a tiny message if you look closely - you're not the only one. I love that! Looks like a classic Fall sweater, with a little hint of empathy too. 

For the kids I knew the second I saw their Bel humain de demain sweaters that I wanted them for my beautiful little humans. They stock up to size 8, but heads up they do run a bit small. In some stores Lily can wear a size 8, but here Oli is wearing an 8 and Chloe is wearing a 6. My sweater is the perfect over-sized fit in a small, but the kids fit snug, which I don't mind at all - it looks like a very thick and cozy long sleeve tee, which is fun!


Oli is 7 and Harry Potter!

Since Oli's birthday and Halloween are within a couple days of each other, I give you THE BOY WHO LIVED! 

I can't believe our boy has turned seven! I probably say that every year with all of my kids, but we really have seen Oli thrive this past year and seven feels like a big step. He is an awesome boy and our girls are so blessed to have him as the Oreo to their cookie! It's quite amazing to think back to that ultrasound seven years ago when I found out we were having a boy and how disappointed I was. I had always wanted all girls - that was my family growing up and I was frankly terrified of boys. I've never been more thankful for unanswered prayer. 

I thank God regularly for not giving me what I had asked for, what I thought I wanted. Oli is a living example of God's ways being better than our own. And in the end, he's the sweetest, most caring and gentle boy I know. He is still fun and rough and active and he needs way less sleep than his sisters (in short, he's a mini-Brad through and through), but he's not anything close to what I feared when I imagined having boys. He is such a gift and we just love him to pieces! He loves Harry Potter (obviously), robotics, building and creating, swimming, tennis, and giving back rubs. I'm serious! Brad will be working in his office and Oli will sneak up and start rubbing his back, or I'll be washing the dishes and I'll suddenly have a stool behind me and Oli standing atop of it ready to massage. This boy! How did we get so lucky?