2.5, 4.5, and 5.5

I say this often, but I wish I could just freeze time RIGHT NOW. I love the stages of each of my kids, and how they intermingle together. There are definitely challenges, but so much beauty. On the one hand, they're still so young. I still think of Chloe as my baby (will I forever?) They still have lovies, go to bed by 7pm, and love to cuddle.

But on the other hand, they've grown up so much, and I love it! They're all potty trained! AH. I can trust them to run ahead of me when we're walking somewhere. I don't have to carry them all the time. The physical nature of having babies was never my favourite, and I don't miss that element of that season at all. No more pregnancy, no more nursing, no more carrying, no more diapers. I realize some of these are the most missed elements of the newborn stage, but not for me!

We are in a really sweet spot as a family right now. The kids are finally at the ages where they can really play together. Some days it's Lily and Chloe pairing off, while Oli is engrossed in his Lego, other times it's the younger two when Lily is away at school, or the older two when Chloe goes to bed earlier (at 6pm). They each have their own dynamic when they pair off, but of course my favourite is when all three are playing together. For years it was hard to imagine a new baby breaking into Lily and Oli's tight bond, but Clover has moved right in and now they're a full on gang and it's the greatest.

Recently Lily was feeling left out by some girls in her class, and as hard as it was to see, I also loved seeing that when she came home for lunch and at the end of the day she was all smiles and so content with her built in BFFs here at home. I pray they'll always see each other as best friends, and I'm so in love with this glimpse we are finally getting now :)



Have you heard of the Montreal-based lifestyle brand Stay Home Club? Their designs are witty and ironic and whenever I see someone sporting their goods around town I smile.

I finally bought the original Stay Home Club t-shirt after hankering for it for two years. In hindsight I should have bought it back when I first noticed it, because when my babes were all under age 3 we were truly the Stay Home Club if ever there was one! But I'm a homebody and love my alone time, so it still feels fitting, even thought we're *slightly* more mobile these days.

And how cute are these totes? The messages kill me. Frequent crier! Um, I cry like, every day.

Which brings me to my point... Stay Home Club is having a sweet sample sale TOMORROW! All the info is on this Facebook event page. It's in the Elpro building in St Henri, 3rd floor - buzz 0312 to be let in!

Everything is supposed to be under $15! I'm heading over with my gal pal Rachel and will definitely stop by Leche for a donut afterwards, because the force is just too strong.


a day in HER life - Hanna

Hi! My name is Hanna and I blog at hannabecks.com. I am married to Rony and mom to 15 month old Benjamin. I work outside the home and every day looks different for us, but I thought I would share what a day in our little family looks like.


My wake up call comes a lot earlier than I would like, from my toddler who has recently taken to getting up somewhere around 6 every morning. I'll usually go nurse him and put him back down in his crib until we officially start the day around 7am.

I work in Toronto 3 days a week, so my days off are a little slower paced, which is welcomed! Today my thoughtful husband lets me sleep in for 20 minutes or so, and then I hear Benny's little feet running into our room to wake me up for the day. Our family has breakfast together, usually avocado toast and some fruit for Benny and and eggs and veggies or fruit for the grown ups. We only have one car, so after a bit of play time at home we drop Rony off at work so we aren't stranded at home for the day. On the way home we stop at Whole Foods to get a few things that are needed for dinner.


We go home for a bit, put away the groceries and I'll usually make some oatmeal for us to eat. Second breakfast for the win! Lately we've been making apple pie oatmeal from Oh She Glows (Benny is on a high fat diet so I add heavy cream to his portion!!) Benny goes down for a nap, and I use this time to make two quiche: one for a brunch we are hosting tomorrow and one to freeze for dinner on a day that I work.

After they are in the oven, I sit down with a cup of tea and watch part of an episode of Broadchurch. I am a huge fan of British crime shows, and this one is fantastic.

We moved recently, so after his nap and lunch, Benny and I spend the early afternoon exploring our new neighbourhood. We check out the park and go for a nice long walk.


A few hours later Benny goes down for nap number two and I spend this time reading. I'm going through Mark and Revelation and am reading The Pursuit of Holiness with my small group. It's a phenomenal book and I highly recommend it. Benny wakes up, so I grab him and feed him a snack and then we head off to pick up Rony from work.

When we get home, Rony takes Benny inside and I head off for a run. I crave physical activity and appreciate the fresh air and alone time. Once I'm back, Benny eats his dinner and Rony and I snack on veggies at the table with him. Rony's brother pops by to pick something up so we chat for a bit while I start to make our dinner.

We put Benny down for the night and take dinner out of the oven - tonight is our date night in, so it's homemade pizza and salad. We don't normally eat this way so we savour every single bite when we treat ourselves!


We spend the evening catching up, watching a movie on Netflix and reading. Fridays are my favourite, and my heart is full.

Thanks Hannah!
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  • I made these pancakes recently and OMG. 
  • Are you guys into sports? I find so many women aren't, but it's so fun to have a team to cheer for! The Habs suuuuuucked this year so thankfully the Raptors are in the play offs and it's also baseball season! I got really into baseball last year when the Jays were doing so well, and the kids are so excited about them! Can't wait to sport this tee all summer long. 
  • I'm so eager to read this book, by Gloria Furman. (and the cover is so lovely!)

    credit: The First Mess