for the love of food blogs!

I have a thing for cookbooks. If they weren't so expensive, I would have every one ever written. But since they're usually over $25, I try to limit myself to one new cookbook per year. Have I tried every recipe in every cookbook I own? Heck no. But they inspire me to cook, to try new recipes; they remind me why I love food and that's something.

/\/\ this gorgeous photo is from OUR FOOD STORIES, one of my new fav blogs! /\/\

Sometimes it's as simple as flipping through the pages. Other times I try a few recipes, and when I find that one flawless recipe, I make it again and again instead of continuing to try others. I have an Italian cookbook called Franny's filled with glorious pasta and pizza recipes. I tried a few, liked them all, but then landed on the mother of all red sauce recipes. It uses way more olive oil than you'd think, mixes things up with mint, and sneaks in two kinds of cheese. It's my go-to pasta now, such that we call it Franny's pasta, instead of it's actual name. As is my custom, I haven't tried a different recipe from Franny's since coming across this show stopper. Oops.

Brad, not surprisingly, is not a fan of this approach. Every time I tell him I want a new cookbook, he protests that I haven't tried half the recipes in the books I have. And of course, he's right. So while I still have at least five cookbooks, at any given time, on my mind to buy, I've taken to food blogs more and more. They're free, and beautifully photographed, and they do for me what cookbooks do, albeit on a smaller scale.

Here are my favourite food blogs at the moment, in no particular order:


the kid's shared bedroom!

A couple of weeks ago, Apartment Therapy featured our children's shared bedroom! If you missed it, here's the article:

Years ago, we shared Lily and Oli’s shared room here on Apartment Therapy. Since then, we’ve added our third child, our daughter Chloé to the room. Now that we are officially crib-free, and still happily using one bedroom for our three little ones, I thought it was time to share the many changes we’ve made.

We are passionate about raising our little ones in the city, and have no plans to move from our beloved neighborhood Le Plateau-Mont-Royal any time soon. But raising a family of five in a two-bedroom condo has it’s challenges! To make it work, we sleep all three children in the foot print of one twin sized bed with the help of bunk beds and a trundle bed beneath. This way there’s still tons of space to play, and I dare say each child even has their own personal space. The children all share a very organized closet which houses the majority of their out of season clothing, toys, Lego, linens, and their capsule wardrobes. Minimalist living is absolutely the only way we pull this off!

Having both genders sharing a small space also means everything is neutral, which complements the rest of our home’s style easily. In the mornings, I bring little bowls of dry cereal and water bottles into their room and the kids enjoy at their table, while I enjoy some extra minutes of solitude before we start the day. To make sleeping arrangements easier, we put our youngest to bed earlier than the older two. She falls asleep and then shortly after, the big kids join her. Their bedroom is right off our kitchen, so we employ a sound machine and black out curtains to help keep things peaceful.

Eventually we will probably find a slightly larger condo in the neighborhood, and our son will have his own room, but we are in no hurry. Our children have such a tight bond and I attribute that in large part to their sharing a room and living in a small space together. They're forced to serve one another, forgive quickly, and have fun alongside their siblings. I think it's character building and makes for life long friendship! Just one of the ways city living has changed my parenting style :)

A few must haves I always recommend for kid’s rooms, shared or not:
  • High shelves! I need a spot in their room where I can have things they can’t reach, but that I use frequently enough to want in their room. Thermometers, sound machines, essential oils, diapers – these are all stored on our high floating shelf.
  • Art display! Preferably up high where younger siblings can't rip down. We swap out their creations almost daily, so everyone gets a chance to showcase their creativity. Plus it adds color to the room. 
  • Cute storage! We have baskets and bins all over our house. It doesn’t feel like there are toys and books everywhere, but trust me, it’s an illusion :)
  • Stations! These are little spots around the room (usually in corners) where the kid’s can do certain activities like reading, playing Lego, where the play kitchen lives, etc. 


  • Pine bunk bed - IKEA, stained with a white wash tint.
  • Small table and chairs - IKEA, stained with a grey tint.
  • Grey rug and white stool - IKEA.
  • Play kitchen - Hape
  • Rocking chairs - vintage
  • Floating shelf and city print - IKEA
  • Montreal ABC print - local artist, Lili Graffiti
  • Needle point art - vintage
  • Floor baskets - Target
  • White lamp - IKEA
  • Reading corner - an old oval-shaped ottoman covered with a sheet, pillows are IKEA
+ Older posts on their room



  • So I found our that a blog in Estonia (Kodu, which means home, google translate tells me) has featured our kid's shared bedroom. Surreal. I suddenly had thousands of new page views from Europe and was curious where they came from. Now I know! So to my Estonian readers, Aitäh (thanks)! 
  • I really want to visit this exhibition on Sleep at the Montreal Science Centre!
  • Yikes. Scented products. I love scented products! This article on the dangers has me thinking. 
  • This was a great article about what it means to be a neighbor. 
credit: TGC
  • Fascinating article on children's development + success.
    "kids who are praised for being smart fixate on performance, shying away from taking risks and meeting potential failure. Kids who are praised for their efforts try harder and persist with tasks longer.... It seems the growth mindset has run amok. Kids are being offered empty praise for just trying." 
  • How jazz music teaches us to trust God.
  • I made this incredible soup last week. Roasted butter nut squash + poached salmon + kale + coconut milk + jalapenos = all the flavors!
  • We used to have a rug in our kitchen but I found it got too dirty all the time. But this gorgeous kitchen (and equally gorgeous rug!) have me reconsidering.  
credit: A Lovely Lark
credit: Mtl Blog


off to Toronto!

This weekend I'm off to Toronto for my sister's baby shower and to visit with my BFF Morgan. Dancing girl emoji, do your thing!

I'm so so excited! My parents got me a train ticket for Christmas, so I'll be taking the train into Toronto, visiting with one of my oldest friends for lunch, then heading to Niagara for the baby shower. After the shower I'm spending the night with Morgan downtown and eating our hearts our all day Monday. It's going to be a festival of gourmet junk food. Basically my dream come true! Bradford will have the kids for the weekend, and I swear if I hear another person state in utter shock "how will he handle all three for the whole weekend!?" I might go nuts. He's their father, and a darn good one. He'll be aight ;)

While I'm on the train I'll be reading up a storm, BECAUSE I CAN. Glory. I'm finishing up All The Light We Cannot See and it's so heavy but intensely beautiful. I think I'll finish the book before my return trip home, so I just downloaded Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling, for something completely opposite and light! It looks like a witty, fun read. I'll let you know how it is!

I'll be sharing loads on Instagram this weekend, so if you're up for food pics, me kissing pregnant bellies, and the like, stay tuned ;)