olive oil pumpkin bread + a helper

Lately, Lily's favourite thing to do is stand on her stool at the counter and "help". I try to do my baking in the morning so I spread out the amount of cleaning and kitchen work I do in a day (I don't ever really cook lunch, it's always leftovers or odds and ends, but dinner makes a mess to be sure). This suits Lily perfectly since she's just pushing back her morning nap right now. Plus it's the best time for light for our windowless kitchen, so I take pictures.

When I'm baking with Lily I love a quick and easy recipe, but not so quick + easy that I don't need help, of course! This healthy pumpkin bread recipe is both + delicious + healthy. I am yet to see a down side. It only takes a few minutes to prepare, but then much longer in the oven, so consider that when you decide what time of day you'll do your baking :)

Two things I feel rather strongly about:

(1) Baking in pajamas is the best route. When you inevitably get them dirty, you toss them in the laundry and get dressed for the day. Like you were already planning on doing. Saves a costume change during the day, though Lily does have a cute apron from my sister that she often wears too.

(2) You know you've raised your kids right when your 2-year-old knows how to work the KitchenAid Stand Mixer and begs to eat pure pumpkin from the can. Go. Lil.

So here we go! You need two bowls - one for wet ingredients and one for dry. Like most recipes.

Bowl 1:
mix 1.5 C flour (you can mix whole wheat and white if you want - that's what we did),
1 ts baking soda. 
cinnamon and nutmeg are optional, to taste.

Bowl 2 (stand mixer, but it doesn't have to be):
1 C sugar, 
1 C pumpkin, 
1/2 C olive oil (no butter here, friends!), 
1/4 C water (yes, WATER. so healthy, right?)
2 eggs

>>> mix all wet ingredients together, then gradually add the dry ingredients while mixing on low.
>>> bake @ 350 for 50 minutes
>>> enjoy.


  1. mmm pumpkin loaf is so good isn't it? I made a loaf of it when I had tonnes of leftover pumpkin from thanksgiving pumpkin cheesecake :D

    Lovin the pics of Lil! Days like these I WISH I still lived in Monts to see her and you guys more!

  2. make this last night after i read your post!! soooooo good.

  3. Mmm my lil monkey and I are enjoying making this today. Thanks for the recipe! Our house smells AMAZING now!