First, don't forget to enter the giveaway for a free pair of baby shoes by Parker & Posie and take advantage of the 10% off discount all readers get for the next 2 weeks!

Second, this week's mélange is less light than ones in the past. I hope that's alright with you all! Some weeks, the posts that grab my attention are adorable DIYs and yummy recipes, but this week they happened to be harder reads. Reads that challenged my thinking, convicted me, and lead me to action. Hope they'll the same for some of you (and ok, one DIY to keep us all from tears).
  • One Mom's road to recovery after miscarriage really inspired me even if I haven't walked that path
  • My blog-friend is on the long and hard road of International Adoption. Praise God and go, her! Encourage her by checking out her great website to fund their adoption. I bought two pillow cases last week and have a post on them coming up. Love the stuff. Love the cause.  
  • Also, these bags are all.so.cute.
  • Winter Blues are a real thing. Check out my friend's proactive purchase against SAD. Also, learn more about SAD here.
  • Not a seamstress but love handmade, especially for Halloween? Check out these no-sew masks.
  • Did you know adoptive mothers can breastfeed!? I DID NOT. But I say, go for it! After reading this inspirational post.
  • before you buy that huge $5 bag of Halloween chocolate, read this. It's made me relieved we aren't in a neighbourhood where people hand out candy and think twice about what I'll buy if we ever do. On that note also, Camino is an amazing fair trade chocolate I recommend!


  1. Thanks for the link love. Also love Camino chocolate. Their hot chocolate is SO GOOD. Also so is their cocoa.

  2. Anonymous26.10.12

    I just watched the BBC Documentary on Chocolate with my boys. Then we had a little talk about how we don't need to have guilt over things that we didn't know in the past. But now we DO know, so what do we do?
    Their answers, "We don't eat the chocolate that makes kids have to work and hurt themselves." "If everybody would stop buying it the kids wouldn't have to be taken, right? So we're not going to buy it anymore, Mom."

    Their decision.

    Thanks for this :)