don't waste your wedding day

John Piper wrote a book called Don't Waste Your Life, that challenged many Christians to do just that. Not waste the mere 70-ish years we have on this planet to glorify Him by living lives that testify about who Jesus is and what his message was. The immediate implication is that others will be blessed by our lives as we live for Jesus. My friend Jessie took this a step further when she and her fiance were planning their wedding. 
Check out what they're doing with the MoveIn project in Toronto and how they're using every opportunity to reach their neighbourhood with the great news of Jesus.

Nigel & Jessie's Wedding Highlight Video from David Stewart on Vimeo.

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  1. I LOVED Jessie and Nigel's wedding and was honoured to be a guest there. It truly was a blessing to see how this couple desires to start their lives together...by ministering to others.