Still Alive?

yes, we are! but I realize this blog is on life support...

Can I win you back with this?

Or this?

Or a recipe for this?

Watermelon with Savory Cucumber Salad:
top sliced watermelon with chopped cucumber, crumbled feta, fresh basil and mint, and garlic, olive oil, and salt

Thyme Flat Breads are from Smitten Kitchen, though I found the amount yielded was off. I used her exact recipe and instead of 4 baking sheets full of dough, I yielded ONE. Though it still produces around 16 flat breads when you break them apart. Double if you're serving more than 4. Also, for cheese I used Parmesan and we didn't add honey.

Or some updates:
Such as Lily is probably allergic to egg (massive baby-barf-scene 30 min after eating her first bit of whole egg), and maybe milk (introducing 3.25% milk slowly and her eczema is back after a 2 month hiatus)?

Or that in my search for one good quality cute pair of flat, preferably Greek-styled and metallic, $50 or less sandals for the 6 weddings I have coming up, I ended up coming home with 4 pairs of less quality but hotter-than-this-weather shoes for less than that amount?

Or that after the Saturday night wedding and Staff Conference with our work in Ottawa from Monday-Wednesday we'll FINALLY be back home in Montreal?

I'm pulling out all the stops since I haven't blogged in over a week ;)


  1. i CAN. NOT. wait to squish lily, to hug you gingerly {don't want to squish the lil guy} & hug b.rad.

    FYI. that watermelon salad is delish. the combo..is..SO GOOD!

  2. you won me back ;)

    it may have helped that i just got back from Bermy and thus the internet. BUT I really did love that first pic of Lily underwater. so cool and so cute.

    looking forward to seeing you soon

  3. Emm! You're such a hot mama!!!! Can't wait to see you next week! Gotta email you the details! Got the invite bounced back!

  4. Lovely pictures! It's great to be seeing/reading your blog posts again. Welcome back. :)