The Mom Shower...

Is a place to get clean, quick.
Is often 2 minutes long.
Is spent slipping on bath toys.
May serve the purpose of washing off vomit.
May serve the purpose of washing off pee.
May serve the purpose of washing off poop.
None, mine.
Is not a place to think.
Is not a pace to relax.
Does not fog up the bathroom.
Does not often result in shaved legs.
Does not often include deep-treatment conditioner.
Does not occur daily.

*This was true for the first couple months of Lily's life 
when I didn't yet have her on a schedule, and was 
breastfeeding on demand. 
*It's true when she's unpredictable (from sickness, 
teething, during travel, etc). 
*And it's true when her nap time = my nap time
(especially before she slept through the night, and now 
during pregnancy, both times of extreme sleep depravity).

This is not always the norm, but it is a Mom reality.

I love being a mom, but it's not all gummy smiles and precious moments.

Just keeping it real, folks.

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