Christmas Home Tour!

Every year I decorate a bit differently, even though I only buy one or two new decorations each year. There's a lot of ways to decorate for Christmas - modern, traditional, minimalist, cozy, handmade, etc., and I have probably done them all at some point. I don't know what you'd call this year's holiday decor, but here it is!

I won't bother sourcing every object, because 99% of our holiday decor come from one of three places, and I'm sure you'll be able to guess by looking at them. Those places are: Ikea, Dollarama, and second hand shops such as Village des Valeurs (Value Village), Renaissance (Good Will), and Armee de Salut (Salvation Army). Second hand shops are so perfect for vintage holiday decorations, which I happen to love! Our manger, many of our tree ornaments, and all of our brass candle sticks were purchased second hand for only a couple of dollars. The wooden beaded garland was made in 5 minutes with fishing wire and wooden beads from Dollarama. The DIY terraniums will be on the blog tomorrow!

Since we take everything down in a few days (we've had it up since December 1st!), I wanted to document it before it's gone. To be honest, after three weeks, I'm eager to pack it away, even though I love everything we've done this year. In a small space you really feel the extra stuff everywhere. Even things that take up visual space and not physical floor space (think things on the wall, shelves, etc) make our home feel smaller and a bit more crowded. It's cozy and fun once a year, but I'm ready for it to have our space back!

You can tell I'm a little bit bottle brush-happy. They're so cute and festive... they're basically everywhere. And Dollarama sells packages of 2-5 for $2.50 so you can't really go wrong. Every type of greenery you see is fake and from Ikea - the wreath and tree, and below you'll see the garland on our shelves.

We have a second mini Christmas tree with lights between our dining and living rooms. Even though the extra decor takes away valuable space (and hence I'm excited to take it down), I'll really miss all the extra lights! Montreal homes are, as a rule, dark, and even more so in December, so having the Christmas trees lit all day has been really nice!

The dining room has our Advent candles and a red Hudson Bay pillow case that my sister bought me years ago in a second hand shop. It's made of an old HBC blanket and it probably my favourite Christmas decoration for the home! You can read about how we're doing Advent here. To be honest, with an outbreak of lice, Advent took a bit of a back seat, but it's still such a beautiful part of the holidays for us, so I need to get our family back on it!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a tutorial of the Christmas terrariums! Merry Christmas you guys!

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