Advent 2017

This year, Advent starts on November 26! I can't believe it's in just a few weeks. Last year was the first year we celebrated Advent with the kids in a rhythmic, nightly, organized way. It was nothing too intense and didn't require much prep at all, but it was so meaningful! The kids still talk about last year's Advent and they still know the big chunk of scripture that we memorized during those four sweet weeks. You can read about last year's plan here, and read here for an honest reflection half way through the four weeks.


This year, I'm planning to do a lot of the same things as last year - scripture memory, nightly gathering to light the candle, read scripture, and pray, and reading some Christmas story books. What's new this time is that I've bought the Kids Read Truth Advent table cards and Jennifer Naraki's Slow and Sacred Advent. I'm planning to intertwine both resources into our traditions. Personally, I'm going to be reading Tim Keller's Hidden Christmas. Has anyone read it?


If this will be your first year doing Advent with your kids, let me encourage you, it's so worth it, and not nearly as intimidating as it may seem. The key is just to start your tradition, to open up the Word of God with your kids, and to learn as you go. There's no one way to practice Advent, and if you're pointing their hearts towards Jesus and being consistent, you can't go wrong. And if you get off track, or miss a few nights, don't worry! There's grace! Just start where you left off, and continue on the road. Christmas was more meaningful last year than ever before, and I know it's because our hearts were truly ready to "prepare Him room".


  1. I hate to be that person, but I have to correct you. This year Advent begins on Dec. 3rd. It is always the four Sundays before Christmas day. This year it starts the latest that it ever starts, and Fourth Advent falls on Christmas Eve. But I love your ideas for Advent with the kids.

    1. I always enjoy reading your posts on how your family prepares for Christmas, and I had a question I was wondering if you could answer, perhaps in a post in the next few weeks. You've mentioned before that you don't teach your kids about Santa. My oldest kid is getting to the age where she is able to appreciate Christmas, and I would also like to avoid that myth with her. I mentioned this to a few friends and they were horrified ("it's important for kids to fit in, and they wouldn't be able to unless you told them about Santa," "kids need to learn that not everything adults say is true," and "you will make it really difficult for other parents if your kids are telling their kids Santa isn't real" are just some of the inspired comments I've gotten so far. I was wondering, how do your kids feel about knowing Santa isn't real? Have they found it hard to relate to others in school? Does it cause problems with other kids? Is it ever difficult at family get-togethers where cousins believe in Santa? You could even interview your kids and let us know how it is from their perspective. Not sure how this would fit with your blogging plans over the next weeks, but I'd really love to have some input here. Thanks! Sarah

  2. Great encouragement! Thanks! :) I was keen on getting the Kids Read Truth cards this year as well until I put them in my shopping cart and saw the shipping costs to Canada, which were nearly the cost of the cards themselves! Did you happen to find them anywhere else or did you just bite the bullet and pay the fees for shipping through She Reads Truth?

  3. How did you enjoy 'Slow and sacred Advent'? Thinking of trying it this year - would love your thoughts. Thanks!