DIY Christmas Terrariums

DIYs are mostly a thing of the past in our house these days - something I did often before kids, and stopped completely in recent years. But there's something about the holidays which usually brings out the latent crafter in me, and I remember how much I enjoy doing something from scratch instead of buying it ready made.

These Christmas terrariums are this year's DIY craft (and the only one, I assure you!). I thrifted the jars for 50 cents a piece. You could use any mason jar but I was hoping to find some with this type of latch and I often see them at thrift stores, so here's hoping you find some as I was able to. The polar bear came in a pack of rubber animals from Dollarama, and I was hoping to find several winter animals but this was the only one in the lot. The small bottle brush trees are also from Dollarama as was the white sand and glitter.

With a hot glue gun, glue your figurine and trees to the bottom of the jar. Once it's cooled and hardened (30 seconds or so), pour in white sand and white glitter. That's it! It's amazing how satisfying a DIY can be, even one as simple as this. I did the same craft in thrifted mason jars with Lily's friends for her annual Christmas party (see last year's party).

Something to try over the Christmas holidays, maybe? Have fun!

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