decorating the kid's shared room for the Holidays!

Our kid's room is definitely everybody's favourite room in our home, so we had to give it some festive love! I'll often find brad reading in there, and it's where I do a lot of my work, too! There's tons of things I'd love to give my children that time or money don't dictate possible, but their own bedrooms still isn't one of them! I love that all three of them share, and it's shaped our family culture in so many positive ways! Here's their little shared space all ready for Christmas. As always, it's fairly minimal, mostly second hand, and neutral :)

We gave them their own little tree with shatter-proof decorations, all of which was sourced at the local secondhand shop (Village des Valeurs). Their Christmas crafts are kind of everywhere, and we usually save a few each year for future year's decorating. I'm not typical the mom who saves all of the artwork (am I the worst!?), but Christmas crafts I do keep. We also used our Letter Play board to create a tiny lyric from one of their favourite french songs, C'est L'Hiver (Let it Snow, in English).

We strung up a some indoor/outdoor globe lights that I got on huge discount the day after Christmas years ago when Target was still in Canada. They were 90 CENTS, people! haha! I bought several strings, and they're the same lights we use on our tree. I like how the big globe bulbs are a bit different and they add a sweet sparkle to their room as they're falling asleep (listening to Cedarmont Kids Christmas Carols on Google Play!).

We also have our Creche/Nativity Scene/Manger (what do you call it!? I've say them all, interchangeably) and three sets of plastic and wood figurines for them to play with. It's their favourite Christmas decoration and activity every year, and I just love that! Their friends who come over after school always ask to play with it and a few of them have gone home asking their parents to find one for their house! How sweet is that? Anything to make the Christmas Story more tangible and personal to little hearts is fine by me!

I'll share our home's holiday decor tomorrow!  Only a few days to go, and then it'll all be down (I always take everything down on the 26th!) so I wanted to share :)


  1. I am loving how you are raising your kids. I wish I'd had your inspiration when my kids were young. We did a lot of the same things, though, and they turned out great (they're in their early 20s now).

    1. You are so kind, Kari! I'm sure you're an awesome mom!