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Though we are utterly urban, we do have some really amazing green spaces near us that we visit almost daily. There's Mont-Royal, Parc Laurier, and our favourite, the Champ des Possibles (the latter being our favourite, see also here). I love that all of these wild spaces are in the heart of the action - the perfect mix of nature and city.

As I've mentioned before, our kids have a very small wardrobe (all three share six drawers in their shared bedroom), and each season I aim to stick to a capsule wardrobe of essentials. My aim is to buy better, fewer clothing and pass it on from Lily, right through to Chloe. Next week I'll share the details of the kid's capsule wardrobe this season, but until then, you can see last year's here.

Adventure essentials for my kids this summer include, study, water-proof shoes, thin, breathable fabrics, and whatever I can reuse from last season.

Here Oli is wearing shorts made from this past winter's jeans (and those jeans were actually Lily's three years ago). My kids tend to keep growing up, so they outgrow pants because they're too short, but not necessarily too small. Perfect for cut-offs! I'm glad to say I bought Oli 1 pair of shorts this year (for soccer) and we made all the rest from his too-short jeans.


We also love Salt Water sandals for all of our kids. They last for years and years! The leather is so durable and particularly with the Sweet Hearts and the Surfers, the soles are so sturdy and thick. I bought Oli's blue Salt Waters last year, second hand, and this will be his second summer wearing them (their forth summer of use) and they still look great. I'll absolutely use them for Chloe next year, too.

His blue long sleeve tee is from Luv Mother, a small company based out of Montreal. They use only traceable merino wool and every item is made in Canada with care. I've washed this shirt at least 20 times already because Oli loves wearing it, and the colour and fabric are still like the first day he wore it. Thin layers like Luv Mother's merino wool basics are perfect for the cooler mornings we're having now, when it's too warm for a coat but too cold for a t-shirt or tank top.  Thin layers are also a must when we're exploring through brush and bugs!

Oli has a basic tank top underneath and I'd say this is absolutely his Spring adventure uniform. He'll be wearing a version of this outfit every day this Spring and Summer.

I'm excited for the pools to open and for Lily to be done school for the Summer, but I also am just savoring this lovely Spring, after a long, hard Winter. The cool evenings and mornings and beautiful sunny days have been such a treat for us here in Montreal! Perfect weather for adventuring :)

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(or if you're local to Montreal, Mile End Kicks + Boutique Ciconia)
Buy Merino Wool basics here

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