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Hi there!

My name is Lisa & I am a wife to a law student & mama to an almost 3-year-old boy, Oliver.

I am originally from Hawaii, but moved to Oregon after I finished college in California.  In Oregon, I met & fell in love with my husband & we lived in a tiny 650sq-ft apartment.  A few years later we had little Oliver & soon after, we decided to pick up & move across the country to Virginia, where my husband is currently attending law school!  Recently, we moved to the cutest little neighborhood, filled with historic homes, parks, restaurants, coffee & little boutique shops, so there is a lot more to do & see.  With my husband in school full time & working part-time, plus having only one car, our routine changes everyday.

Our typical day starts between 6:30 & 7:30am, or whenever Oliver wakes up.  Matt usually lets me stay in bed for a bit while he gets Ollie & then they start making breakfast.  Breakfast is usually the same everyday, oatmeal loaded with nuts, berries, honey & chia seeds for Matt and Ollie. Typically, I will have a protein shake with lots of greens & berries.  After breakfast, we say good-bye to Matt & then (depending on the weather), either go for a walk or stay inside & play.

When we stay inside, we head into Ollie's room & work on his alphabet or numbers, read or just have him independent play while I clean around the house.  Sometimes, Ollie will help me clean, which means he helps me put the laundry in our washer & press the buttons (that's his favorite), or he likes helping me put away the folded laundry.  If I have to finish knitting orders or deep clean our home, I usually put on a show for Ollie, since that is the only way he can really sit still for an hour.

When the weather is nice, our favorite thing to do is go for a walk & explore.  We search for squirrels, ants, rocks, sticks, frogs & his new favorite, acorns.  I, of course, need coffee & so we head to a coffee shop. I will usually get an iced coffee & Ollie will get a tiny cup of whip cream.  The coffee shop workers know us already (mainly they know Ollie) & they have his whip cream waiting for him at the counter, which I think is the sweetest thing, but we are pretty much addicts!

Between 11:30 & 12:30, we have lunch followed by an afternoon nap for Ollie.  This is when I have my quiet time & pretty much do whatever I want, whether it's knitting, cleaning, journaling, going on social media or watching a show.  I am slowly becoming more intentional with my time when Ollie is sleeping because I have a feeling that his nap days are numbered!

Usually, Matt comes home in the late afternoon or early evening & we will go for a little walk around our neighborhood.  Then, right before dinner, Matt will take Ollie outside in the back yard to play together, while I will stay inside & prepare dinner.  We eat anywhere between 6-7:30 & then we start the bed time routine.  Bath time is Ollie's favorite & then we read a story.  His favorite things to sleep with are his two animals (Pierre, a whale & Silky, a sea lion), his blankie & binky (we are slowly trying to stop having him use one).  After we say goodnight (anywhere between 7:30-8pm), Matt & I will relax & either watch a show or play a game.

Saturdays are usually spent either grabbing coffee, eating donuts, taking walks, spending the day at the beach or going to a park.  This is also when we do most of our errands, since I usually don't have the car during the week.  Sundays are spent going to church & lounging around the house or talking more walks (we really love walking).  Mostly, my days are full of loving on my little family & trying to make memories.

Thanks Lisa!
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