morning walks with my boy

When Lily started kindergarten at the local public school, we did everything to prepare her. We read books about going off to school, we talked it through numerous times, we prayed together about being in an all-French classroom and a new environment, we visited the school several times.

One massive oversight though, was preparing Oli, who would suddenly be alone at pre-school. Oops! Parent fail! Though they weren't together at pre-school every day, he viewed pre-school as something both he and his sister did together, and now he was a lone ranger. The first few months were HARD. Goodbyes were tear-filled and I walked away each time feeling so awful.

We changed his schedule from being two full days at pre-school to three (more frequent!) mornings (shorter days) per week and saw a huge difference! Going more regularly helped him face his fears, but shortening his days made goodbyes easier. Having the extra walk to school each morning (and home each afternoon) also gave us more one-on-one time which we've all loved. Most mornings we bike or walk through the Champ des Possibles and enjoy the quiet together. We pray and talk and savor each others company. I love these morning walks with my boy and I'm so glad he's adjusted to being at school on his own!

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