Champ des Possibles

Raising kids in the city has been such a rewarding and beautiful experience, of which we have no regrets. One thing I wish our kids has more of though, is wild green space. We are blessed with many, sometimes huge, parks in the Plateau, but they're controlled green spaces. I grew up near a forest (which has no been developed into a suburb) and have fond memories of climbing trees, getting lost in the tall grass, and picking wild flowers. While my kids wouldn't have this experience in almost any living situation (thanks to urban sprawl, developments, and general loss of wild life everywhere), I still wish it for my kids.

This is why I love the Champ des Possibles! It's a protected wild green space in the heart of the city. Every city kid's dream come true! I can get a coffee from Café Gaspé and then head into the wild minutes later. We were first introduced to the Champ from our kid's pre-school who use it regularly, and now it's a favourite activity in any season. It's south of the CP train tracks between Henri-Julien and de Gaspé in the Mile-End. Check it out!

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