a tardy introduction

The vast majority of you follow me on facebook, twitter, or instagram so this is old news. But just in case, and because I love talking about my girl, I'd love to introduce you to the newest Morrice!

She was born 10 hours before her due date, after a fast and furious labour, and weighed exactly one pound more than her siblings who were both born 7 days earlier than she. She's my longest baby to date (23 inches long), cries the quietest and sleeps the least. Lily and Oli are literally obsessed with her. No signs of jealousy yet, but lots of signs of affection, most notably in the 30+ kisses Oli gives her each day, how he tells her she's "pretty", and how Lily asks if they can sleep together every night.

For as long as I can remember I've wanted three (or more) children. Chloé fulfilled a lifelong dream on September 19th at 3:03pm. She is greatly loved and we are smitten.


  1. YES! She is so beautiful, just like her mama ;)
    So proud of you Em, I look up to you in a big way!

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful! Love her little precious face. We just had our first a month ago, and I already find myself missing that sweetness of the first few days of life.

  3. Anonymous2.10.13

    So lovely, Emily, congratulations!
    Laura Gillian (Jessie's mom)