the last 2 weeks...

Hello world! I'm kind of, sort of back. Or at least the new version of myself - the more caffeinated, less rested, irregular blogger version of myself -  who is probably here to stay for many many months.  The last two weeks have been thrilling and rocky and emotional (duh) and exhausting, hence not one.single.post. #sorrynotsorry

I'm slowly getting back into a rhythm of life but am doing so really carefully. I've learned over the years and after three newborns to be VERY guarded with myself and VERY honest about my limitations + abilities. It's serving me well this time around and I've learned from mistakes I made the first time and in some cases the first two times. After two weeks only three friends have met Chloé, I've had both grandmothers here to care heavily for the older two, and I've been completely absent from my social and online commitments. It's been awesome. We're hibernating together, resting when we can, and learning to be a family all over again. It's hard, good work.

Though each picture could be a blog post in itself and much is being left unsaid, here's a glimpse of what I've been up to ///

had a baby / she is perfect / Granna came - thank the Lord / she's still perfect / Grandma came, too - thank the Lord / friends brought food - hallelujah! / I left the house - it was tiring but there were donuts / friends visited / she's still perfect.

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  1. great pics! it's good to being guarded and save yourself for family...that is how I was postpartum with Pen. Only a small handful of people met her in the first week, and it took many many months for everybody to! :)

    Chloe is beautiful (sorry I won't be able to put the accent since I have no idea how to do that!)