life lately, à la Instagram

If you follow me on Instagram, some of these pics are old hat (though not all of them have been posted there), but I wanted to share them here anyway. Which brings about some thoughts:

a) I love instagram and wish everyone I knew had it. I feel that way about blogs too, fyi. It's the easiest way to keep up with someone's life in this busy age! With two kids and a bun in the oven I don't have a lot of free time for my peeps here in Montreal let alone for long distance phone calls to my friends and family in Ontario and around the globe. Of course, I try and family and friends are a priority, but I LOVE the simplicity of popping online and seeing pictures from THAT DAY in their lives. It's so up-to-date. Life in the 21st century rocks.

b) If we're friends and I don't have you on Insta, LET ME KNOW. Also, add me, players!

c) When the weather is beautiful like this, especially in Montreal after a 6 month winter that rendered us hermits, you just don't blog so often! I am maximizing my time with the kids outside, knowing by late summer I'll be so pregnant it'll be hard to be as active and intentional. Hence, lots of binge blogging + scheduled posts, and a lot of photo dumps.

d) Related to c: warm weather and being outside is just way way way better for taking pictures. I'm doing that a lot, but mostly on the iPhone not so much my nice camera. Woops.

Here we go.

different parks every day (even a suburban one while we were picking up Craigslist cloth diapers for baby #3!) ///
eating lunch on the go and outside, ah such a sign of summer! /// 
Granna (Brad's mom) came for a long weekend and we all L O V E D it! ///
Oli and I stumbled upon a literal hidden gem - an organic + local restaurant that was very affordable, and we had to cross a lot of dirt to get to it! Worth it for the season's best for under $8! (on a daycare day) ///
I've been having smoothies for breakfast every morning for a while now. With feeding the kids and getting them up and ready, it's the only way I can nourish myself right away in a healthy way. Plus they're tasty! ///
we're enjoying our terrace in FULL SWING now! I've done a lot of gardening (my first time!) and the kids love the play set we got 2 years ago on Craigslist. It's permanently dirty and dusty out there though, so we play in the afternoons after the parks and then go straight to the bath!


  1. I must know what is in that smoothie, it looks delish!

  2. Anonymous9.5.13

    Emi, LOVE this "photo dump", as you put it. Can't get enough of these sweet grandchildren. Granna. xo