• Cooks who garden, now that's a group I'd like to talk to! What herbs they grow.
  • Do we put too much pressure on ourselves to create traditions for our family? Especially right away? Love this post that says "uh, yeah!" and how they're avoiding it but still being meaningful.
  • That colourful stripy DIY art canvas. I need to make it.  
  • I have big plans for our bedroom, which will hopefully begin soon and be somewhat complete before Little Sister comes in September. You can see my dream headboard (which will probably wait the 2+ years til we move) on Pinterest and read about a lamp DIY plan I'm hoping to do here. One thing I could go quickly (even tonight!) is spray paint the two trays I have in our room. It would make them look cohesive (I'd do them matching), and provide quick results + much needed change (I've had both for almost 5 years). Totally inspired by Edie's DIY tray!

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