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I did a fair bit of "guest posting" on other blogs last year and wanted to do a quick roundup for those who may have missed them. It's fun writing on other blogs - there's a freedom there because it's not your blog, and maybe has different goals and themes that you can be free to run with. I found I wrote differently in my guest posts than I do here, even if just slightly. It was a great opportunity and through it, some of you were able to find and begin to read my blog, so yay! Glad you're here and grateful for the opportunity to write elsewhere, too :)

This is a lovely collaboration blog with regular and guest contributors posting on all different sorts of topics. I contributed a recipe for grilled basil peaches (best.summer.side dish.ever) and then later contributed a DIY no-sew black-out curtains.

I love love love this blog! Danielle invited me and a few others to guest post on "Faithisms" (yes, I think she coined the term) - basically any question or difficulty or journey we've had since we've been followers of Jesus. I wrote on giving grace to new believers and how hard I often felt excluded by language and lingo. 

I did a 30 second DIY project on Dot in the City and turned an old glass elephant statue into a white "ceramic" knock off.

I posted over at This Rookie Wife twice in 2012. One post was a bit deeper - on the Real Proverbs 31 woman (who she is and isn't) and the other was my answers to the top objections I hear about cloth diapering. I loved writing both posts!

This City Life is a blog I've followed for years and is written by a good friend of mine. My first guest post over there was just a few days ago - during the final week of 2012! Right under the wire, I wrote on my experience parenting in a radically different contact than I was brought up in.
Life Made Lovely (home tour)

I had the opportunity to host a tour of our home on one of my favourite home design sites, Home Made Lovely (of Life Made Lovely) last year. It was an honour to be contacted by Heather and invited to participate but it was also a little bit stressful. It pushed up two major home projects that we'd planned for the year (painting our kitchen cabinets and refinishing our microwave cart, island, and dining room table + chairs) and I was rushing to finish by her deadline. I wish I could do it again now, as we've settled into our home a lot more and some parts are quite different now than they were when photographed, but it was still a great opportunity!

Thanks for reading along! See posts from those who were guests on {our nest in the city} here.

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