I didn't read many blogs over the holidays as we were on the road and always surrounded by so many people I don't regularly see. Not a time to be online, don't you think? Well I wasn't much, but that only meant a deluge of blog posts when I came home. Honestly, it was a bit overwhelming! It reminded me why I've slimmed down my blog following in the past - too much of a good thing is not good! But even with just keeping blog I truly love and am encouraged by, there was a lot to catch up on! Enjoy my mega mélange :)
  • This post was such a perfect picture of a mother's love. I've been following this family's adoption from day one (and have read Ashley's blog for 4 years!) and was so touched by this post about her daughter before she undergoes cleft repair surgery.
  • I made this sugar + gluten free dessert (or breakfast. what?) this week and LOVED it. So much healthier than it tastes :)
  • A good word to anyone who has a body-image-related new year's resolution
  • Recently I mentioned my obsession with yellow gold. I've been eyeing gold jewelery from Lisa Leonard and painted the edges of my paintings metallic bronze-gold. Sadly Lisa Leonards fab jewelery would cost $30 to ship (!!!) so I pursued Etsy - to happily find an artist with lovely triangle studs who is located IN MONTREAL. Cheaper + pennies to ship + supporting local = win. Check them out:
June Designs via Etsy
  • Also, aside from local, this US-based Etsy shop has insanely beautiful gold jewelery. I can't handle it! And only a few bucks to ship to Canada. Hollerrr. There are so many Etsy shops I've found in my quest for affordable yellow gold jewelery that ships cheaply to Canada, I can't even tell you! Hopefully I'll do a giveaway for one or two soon :)
Made by Maru via Etsy

  • Why Chantel blogs and why we should too. Totally agree!
  • A very scary reality for little unborn ladies in China. I know several people who have adopted from China or are adopted from China (including my father-in-law's step daughter!) and the need continues to be so great. Adoption, care for the orphan, the unsupported mother, the child care workers in orphanages. So.Much.Need. 
  • Our friend's son decided to raise money for a wonderful cause and I am so proud of them and him! Money is pouring in and they only need $450 more to save a child's life! Can you be a part of it?

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