We have house guests this week! So exciting because they are VERY dear to us and we have missed them so much. It's actually the family we lived with in Kentucky this summer. Which was basically the most ideal scenario when you're living out of a suitcase - staying with the best family ever in the most beautiful house ever. Anyway, he had a work thing in Boston so they drove up after and are staying with us for a few days.  G L O R I O U S .

In the meantime, I won't be blogging, so enjoy this mélange of posts I found instead :)

While our adoption journey is on hold right now, we still think about adoption often and still plan to adopt from the foster care system in Quebec. Meaning, most likely we will be a transracial family some day. This video makes me laugh and frustrated too. I've actually already heard some of these comments when simply telling people our plans!

  • Leaving room for margin. We've upped our hospitality around here probably 10 fold since planting a church and this has become so key to us staying healthy.
  • One family's story to meeting their son. Love the realness of her post. 
  • Our house is probably 75% a HOME now but the walls are still greatly lacking. Making some copy-cat art soon to fix that, inspiration here and here.
  • I'm a big text-as-art fan and also a keep-it-simple fan so these handmade holiday garlands for Christmas and Thanksgiving basically had me at hello. 
  • Can't wait to try this Olive Bread recipe!
  • I'm absolutely doing these DIY silhouettes this week (probably when company leaves). They're too cute and seemingly simple to pass up.

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  1. Someone's been on pinterest! ;) Lovely ideas for art, etc!