coffee cake in 5 minutes

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This is one of my favourite quick fixes for a sweet snack and it's 100% thanks to a fun blog called Prudent Baby. Check our their blog and this amazing recipe. I don't have matching coffee mugs by choice. I decided a while ago I liked the eclectic look more so I gave away my set of 8 matching ones and started slowly adding thrifted mugs, one by one. And I love the collection I've got going! Most were $1 and none are the same. I still want to make this for a crowd as a fun way to use all my mugs but for now, I'll just make it for me :)

Soften 1 TB of butter (10 seconds in the microwave)
Stir in 2 TB sugar until fluffy
Add 1 whipped egg
Stir in 2 TB sour cream and a drop of vanilla
Stir in 1/4 C of flour + 1/8 TS baking powder

Then top with:
1 TB melted butter + 2 TB flour + 1 TB brown sugar + dash cinnamon...
and microwave for 1 minute! 

great craving satisfy-er and so fast. check. check.


  1. I have plans to do the same thing with coffee mugs!! :) well, for me..tea "mugs"

  2. Anonymous23.10.12

    I can't wait to try this recipe! I love mug meals - works great when microwaving eggs too. Love your blog by the way, and I don't even have kids (and won't anytime soon!).


    Suddenly City

  3. i tried this but it was a flop for me :( but Im not an experienced baker and I didnt have sour cream...

    1. this comment made me chuckle Bri! trying it without sour cream would surely end in a fail - it's one of the main ingredients! If you get your hands on some, try again, it's worth it!