Oli @ 10 months

Oli is about to turn 10 months old. Hold me. 

He's so precious to us. 
The kid smiles like you wouldn't believe. Complete strangers come up to me and say "he was smiling at me from across the store/road/room!" And I love that. He's definitely a conversation starter and an ice breaker. Which is especially helpful in French!  

O lala! Un gros souris pour un petit gars! 

At 10 months, he's got two teeth (bottom two) with the top ones just about to come in. He's sitting up by himself and can get there on his own from lying down. Such a big milestone and I remember so clearly when Lily did the same. Because it made nights (and is making nights) a lot harder.  It's a short transition period, but right now Oli can sit up but he can't lay down from sitting, so he gets up, and is stuck. 

So nights look like this: 
Tuck him in, lay him down. 
Hear him crying, go in to find him rubbing his eyes and sitting upright. 
Lay him back down. 
Repeat. 128769832764 times.

But his cuteness helps a ton :)

Speaking of cuteness, Lily makes him laugh like no body else. Melt my heart. Yesterday I walked into their room and he was laughing hysterically and she was dancing for him. She's a show boat and he's an easy laugh so they're a great team. She's also big on trying to feed him and help in any way. It adds work for me at this stage, but it's so cute seeing her play "Mom" and it's great for their bonding. Until I found a Goldfish cracker in his mouth. That wasn't cool. 

Other than Goldfish, he eats everything.under.the.sun. Feeding a baby is the easiest thing. We take whatever Lily didn't eat, blend it, and serve it to Oli. He's our garbage disposal, we joke. The other day I blended leftover tilapia and tomatoes in garlic sauce, added some rice cereal to thicken it up and relax the flavours a bit, and he polished it off so fast. Petit Gourmande!

He's also starting to army-crawl, take shorter/fewer naps, babble a ton, and get curls. 

Oli, you have blessed our family immeasurably these last 10 months. 
You are loved and cherished my boy. 

ps - a Lily update is comin' soon :)


  1. Anonymous18.8.12

    What a wonderful post and I am so proud of my beautiful and handsome great-nephew. Still looks a lot like his Dad!!
    Great Auntie Shirley

  2. OH MY GOSH! Those top two pics kill me! What a little charmer! I also LOVE that Lily makes him laugh. I remember the one day hangin w Loni and the kids {before Zach's arrival} and Matt made Liv's die in laughter, it was the cutest thing!