2 years of being a mom

I have one of those?! No. Impossible. How has two years already passed since I became a mom? 
Oh wait, see that little thing, who looks just like me, throwing a tantrum like clockwork at 5:00pm? 
Yes, she must be two :)  

The truth is, I don't feel like time has flown. It doesn't feel like just yesterday that I became a mom. It's already been such a long and rich journey. Not one that could be had in a short amount of time. Most days it's hard to remember life before being a mom, life before Brad and I having kids, life before us being a family. 

I've gone through so much because of this little life (and the other little life in our home too!) in my care. 
She has sharpened me. She has strengthened me. She has exposed my sin in ways nothing else could have. She has given me unique joy that nothing else has. She has drawn me closer to God, because I sense my need for Him greater than ever before. 

As a mom I've wept more, laughed more, trusted more, doubted more, worried more, hoped more. 
Than any other time in my life.

And it's only been two years.

Lily, thank you.
I love being your mom.
happy birthday sweet girl.


  1. Em, she's grown SO much since I last saw her! What a beauty :) Hope to see her soon and tell her Auntie Amanda says Happy Bday {though she probably won't remember me lol}

  2. Happy birthday sweet girl! She's precious :) and I know you're a great momma!

  3. oh Lily,

    Happy Birthday Sweet Heart!

    My prayer for you has, and will continue to be that as you grow up (tear.) you'll one day make the same commitment to Christ as your parents have made....and that sweet baby girl will be a relationship that will defy any other.

    Also, a BIG shout out to your mom & pops who are crazy cool and awesome and loving and the best.


    aunty bono

  4. Anonymous21.8.12

    Oh Sweet, sweet Lily!!!
    Happy Birthday to you, you made us grandparents 2 years ago, and we simply love it and continue to love being your Grandma and Grandpa!

    We love you always and forever!!
    (Emi - you are such an amazing Mummer...Brad cheers to you too as a Dad)

  5. I just found your blog via A Cup of Jo comment and this post is so sweet! I also love that you bring God into parenting. Just thought I'd let you know.