finding the time in various seasons

I read this post yesterday and it really resonated with me. It's an amazing blog and love Jami's writing style and her story. She so honestly and accurately explained how as Moms, we struggle (and are often OK with failing) to find the time to spend with God. Life is chaotic, sleep is precious, there's never really a time to punch our time card out. And so we struggle. The struggle isn't so much the problem, as is the hidden acceptance that this is the only way our lives can be. 

When my babies were first born, I look back and feel confident saying I literally didn't have the time to invest deeply into my relationship with God. But should I still try to invest? Yes. Then and now. And now I have a lot more time and sleep. God was so good to me in those weary months. I remember opening my Bible, reading a passage or so, and feeling His presence. So close. So comforting. So peaceful. Everything my current reality was not. I'd spend brief times in prayer and be carried by them. God would speak to me through his Word and through prayer and I'd know he was near and he was aware of my circumstances. Even at 4am when I was feeding a newborn, crying and frustrated.

And that was a beautiful season. Of me having little to give, but God having everything to bless me with. Him meeting me where I was. But you know what? There is a slippery slope and a fine line. 
Eventually as Moms, we get a bit more time and a bit more sleep. Babies sleep and feed more regularly and our lives slowly return to some semblance of what they were. But often, our times with the Lord don't. We stay in those first few months where we had no choice but to spent little time and effort with Jesus, but we do have the time and should give the effort. He is worthy. And we need Him.

I write this post for myself. 
As my life is in a new season, filled with two kids that I can somewhat predict and manage and a sleep schedule that is perfectly acceptable. I need to pursue Jesus as He pursued me in the early months of Motherhood. He won't go anywhere, but I will miss out on enormous blessing if I don't.

I write this post for my pregnant friends. 
Some of you are due today! Others in a matter of weeks. Others still in the sickening first trimester. Please don't forget that you need your Lord. Even more than chocolate and sleep, if you can image that. Or McDonalds fries and mangos if you're anything like I was :)

I write this post for new mamas.
(1st time around and otherwise).
You're exhausted and emotional and maybe still sore. It's okay to sleep when you can. It's okay to put your hour-a-day Bible study on hold for a time. But don't put God on hold. During the 4am feedings, He is there. During the frustrations and tears, He is there. You're prayers may sound more like "help me!" or "i need you!" than long flowing conversations, but He knows your heart and wants you to share it.

find the time. 
re-create the time.
savour the time.
no matter how long the time.


  1. Thanks Em. Completely 100% identify. The Lord is so gracious to us in those seasons when we are so weak and sleep deprived. And I appreciate your exhortation to keep pressing on and chasing him too.

  2. Anonymous27.3.12

    I agree with all of this. Well said Em.

  3. I needed that this morning...I skipped my quiet time yesterday, and for me just missing one day can be a slippery slop. Time with God, especially in this season of exhaustion, is so crucial and we need to be so intentional about it! So thanks for the reminder :)

  4. I agree with something Jen Jolliffe said on fb but wanted to comment here. I have fully come out of the new mom phase but my habits were dragging behind. Not only in the way I related and spent time with God but also with others. Having twins caused me to cut most other things out of my life for a time and my focus became very narrow. But living like that cannot be longterm, as you say it is a season. And around the time my twins turned one I realized I needed push myself into the next season. I was still in Survival Mode but I didn't need to be anymore, we were doing more than surviving, we were beginning to thrive. So the past 7 months have been partially about me opening my life back up to relationships, projects and learning what I am capable of in this new season. Thanks for this encouragement!

    1. totally. I think the largest and most important casualty in those seasons was my walk with God, but the others suffered too. For me one thing that I really LOVE but all but left behind for a time is cooking/baking. I'd say I'm "back", thank in large part to some Jamie Oliver cookbooks that I got for Christmas and a husband who does the groceries (and is willing to look all over town for special ingredients), but it took a while!

  5. Meredith28.3.12

    It seems like the new-mom phase requires a lot of re-creating of everyday patterns. Re-creating time with God amongst the new pace and activities needs to be on my list. If 'take a shower' makes it on my list of aims for the day, so should 'walk closely with your God'. Thanks Em.

  6. Girls, I'm so blessed by your encouragement. You're all amazing moms and women that I look up to :)

  7. Anonymous29.3.12

    great post, Emily, thank you for the exhortation to cherish and pursue relationship with God and to truly value relationship and intimacy with Him as our highest goal for every day, whether that means lots or little time in scripture and prayer. Having a heart to seek His voice and nearness throughout every day and walking by the spirit and not according to the fleshly desires and motives that always lead us away is something I'm continuing to learn about the further I go into motherhood, a challenging but wonderful journey I'm so happy to be on =)