Spring is here!

I'm not just talking about the weather being gorgeous or spring cleaning. Those are great, but the best part is playing at the park with my girl, while Oli slept in the stroller nearby. 
Thanks Pam for these great pics!

ps - didn't realize til we were out of the house that Lily and I were dressed like twins!


  1. Those shorts are FABULOUS! I remember when you showed them to me in Montreal... amazing.
    You and Lilybear are too cute!

    1. thanks!! those keds though, left me with huge blisters. forgot that the first couple times you wear shoes with no socks or new flip flops you get very torn up footsies :(

  2. Wow, it must be way warmer in Montreal than in Saskatoon! Yay for fun times at the park!!

  3. I was also going to comment on the seemingly very warm weather! Nice! It's been sunny here, which is somewhat unusual & around 10 degrees so I can't complain.

  4. girl...hasn't the weather been soooo crazy and wonderful!?! such a blessing!

  5. Cute that you and Lily match! Enjoy the weather! I have been snarling at people who tell me more snow is coming! ;)

  6. i love stripes two of my favourite loves in stripes = bonus.
    in other news i REALLY miss being close to you guys...many kisses from a sunny toronto.

  7. OK. so cute! also... you look great!!!

  8. Thanks girls!
    It was over 20 for almost a week this March but now the weather is definitely back to normal, hovering around 0. Was fun to bust out the shorts and shades for a few days though!