mvp cookies

I turned on my stove the other day.
It was a BIG deal. Hadn't done so since before Oli was born and still don't plan to for the next few days.
Thankfully we have been lavished with a bountiful supply of food from our church family. I'm really wondering how we would have eaten (at least eaten well) the last two weeks without it. It is by far the most appreciated act of service anyone can do for us right now, and we are thankful.

That said, I needed snacks to munch on throughout the day that I could just grab. Or in the middle of the night. Nursing makes you SO thirsty and hungry I've found, but since we're not cooking, we aren't doing groceries either. Enter MVP cookies. 

I love peanut butter ANYTHING. If a dessert calls for it, I'm ordering it. So I was delighted when my friend Lindsay (who babysat Lily for us while we were in the hospital) welcomed us home with a giant plate of peanut butter cookies. YUM. And thanks, Linds :) 

I wanted more once I finished that plate off in record time, but I figured I would bulk them up a bit to be more filling since I was eating them to refuel and not just re-sugar-high my body. Also, I have a major sweet tooth but I didn't want that to be the road block to me eating healthy, especially while I'm nursing. So I changed a recipe I found to make it much more filling, healthy, and hearty than the average peanut butter cookie. Still a treat and a cookie - let's be honest, it's not health food! - but redeemed somewhat. And amazing for moms who are trying to keep up their milk supply (hello oatmeal!) and stay fueled for the long night ahead (hello walnuts and whole wheat!).

One baby was asleep and the other was playing nicely so I had the time to quickly whip up a plate of these and was so glad I did. Long gone now, but just writing this post is making me want to make them again.

MVP Cookies
cream together:
1/2 C butter, 1/2 C sugar, 1/2 C brown sugar

add, and mix until fluffy:
1 egg, 1 tsp vanilla

stir in:
1 1/2 C peanut butter

whisk and then add to pb mixture:
1 C whole wheat flour, 1/2 ts baking soda, pinch salt, 1/4 C ground flax, 1/2 C quick oats

fold in:
1/4-1/2C chopped walnuts

bake @ 350 for 15-20 min (mine took a good 18)

look how BIG they are! one cookie was actually FILLING. so good. 
now, back to the babies.


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  2. This is making me want to bake!! I made the glazed pumpkin cookies you posted about a few months ago for Canadian Thanksgiving this year and everyone was in love. The ones I got addicted to (I made a second batch almost as soon as we finished eating the first) were these http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/banana-oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookies-10000001906392/

    They're fairly healthy since most of your sugar is coming from the banana (I use two super ripe bananas instead of the recommended one), and you can always substitute in whole wheat flour (I think I did half and half). Plus there's 2 cups of those oats! The best part is the consistency which is fairly soft, but hearty especially when they're still warm. The most important part is to only bake them for 12 mins, not 18.

    I love that I'm writing this all out and you're probably like "Those sound gross. I hate banana and will never make those" Haha.