the first week.

is over.

Newborn parenting goes something like this (at least in our experiences):

first night - BLISS. 
Baby is cleaned off and cuddly. Doesn't need much food. Sleeps practically nonstop. You have a new family member and everyone is lovey dovey and head-over-heals.

second night - TORTURE.
Baby realizes he likes food and mom's the only place to find it. Night and day are meaningless, it's an around-the-clock affair for mom and dad (if dad is lucky enough to get paternity leave and get roped into the crazy).

third night - HARD.
Maybe you've had a bit more sleep, but fear that the new normal is immense lack of sleep, life in dirty pajamas, and tears all around, are enough to make you swear off having any other children. 

forth night - HARD but DO-ABLE(?)
Feeding every 3 hours, mom and dad figuring out roles, learning to sleep at bizarre times (I take a "nap" every night by this point from 8pm-10pm) to make up for the 3 hours tops at any given point, nursing is stabilizing and engorgement is subsiding (thank goodness).

fifth night - JUST KIDDING.
Baby has a mind of his own and just when you think you *might* have figured out something, you haven't. But you know it will get better and that the first month is THE worst in terms of physical and emotional exhaustion, so you hunker down and deal. Together. You may have even showers by this point and seen some friends. Maybe.

sixth night - DETERMINED.
We're determined to set healthy habits for Oli such as feeding every 3 hours and staying awake for said feedings (call it Babywise light, since we're just in his first few weeks of life), so no matter how frustrating and exhausting, we do what we need to do.

seventh night - EXHALE.
That week was a gong show but it's over. Everyone in the house is tired and feeling that their needs are coming second (except the newborn!), but a joint understanding (except the big sister!) of the temporal chaos and long term benefits of this stage help us get through. We start to grasp what life is like with one more family member and we take the next 7 days as they come.

 {a rare pic of the kids together.}
This week Lily is learning to be more gentle and we let her touch Oli a lot to make him familiar to her. She hasn't shown many signs of jealousy as many have asked about - we think she's too young to grasp the concept that Oli is a sibling and child and here to stay - bonus ...for now :)


  1. This is going to be our reality in about two months so this post prepared me for what's to come! I remember clearly from having Jack that sleep deprivation is the hardest part of that first month, so I'm trying to savor my "full night" sleeps while I can.

  2. BTW - we love Up All Night too!! The birth episode was one of my favorites, as well as the one where they're trying to impress their new neighbors :)

  3. Thanks for the reality check! I will be re-reading this post closer to March time :)

    Praying for you all.

  4. hey emily! thanks for posting this. i'm due in 2.5 weeks so this is really good to know! God bless you guys. =)

  5. Olive, how exciting!! praying for a safe delivery for your little one :)