Halloween '11

Halloween '10 didn't really happen... even though Lily was not exactly a newborn, we were overwhelmed. Something about the 1st child really rocks a family's foundation. Everything needs to change and adapt. With the 2nd, many changes need to take place, and the juggling game is much more difficult but I'm finding the adjustment easier. Especially emotionally and physically, but that probably has to do with an easier birth and labour this time around (more on that when I write up the birth story over at the Baby Bump Blog) though.

So yeah, Lily didn't have a cute baby costume, we didn't carve a pumpkin, and we didn't eat delicious candy. Sad. But this year, even though Oli was a ripe old 2 days old (and 1 day home from the hospital) we celebrated! Again, major differences to what I'd love our Halloween to one day look like (i.e. we still didn't get around to carving a pumpkin, but we had one this year, which is a start!), but we got the kids in silly make-shift costumes and even snapped some pics before bed. I'd all but forgotten about pictures and costumes though we had Lily's and Oli's for months, but thankfully Brad remembered. He knew I'd want to have pictures and that it was disappointing to me last year that we missed the holiday altogether, so he made sure to get a bunch of Lily in her cute Tiger "costume" (read: sweater) and then took some of Oli in his Shrek "costume" (read: crochet Shrek hat).

 Get this... Lily's best buddy Nehemiah dressed up as the same thing!!


  1. oh! happy babies! i can't wait to hold them embot!

  2. Haha! In a few years, Olivier is going to be eating like a real Shrek! Start planning for a heavy grocery bill!
    As we are visiting my parents in Rimouski, Lucie was a candy without even have to dress up! My parents are eating her away every day!
    have a great time with the little blessing!
    The Millettes

  3. Olivier's such a cutie! Love the costumes :)

  4. you look incredible girl!!!! oh lily & oli, i can't waaaait to meet you!!

  5. cuuuuute! and Em you look great! can't wait to meet little Olivier when I visit :D

  6. Anonymous4.11.11

    agreed, you look great emily! love the costumes, tigger is da best and the hat for oli is perfect :)