Lily girl at near 13 months

playing, crawling- too quickly for us at times!, standing, pulling herself up on everything, babbling, developing her own little character, laughing, recognizing her parents (and pointing to us when we ask where Mama and Dada are), and generally making our world wonderful.

she also has (finally!) added to her two bottom teeth with gusto! first up were her two top fang teeth (yes, before the middle ones... we have been calling her White Fang and True Blood), but now we see her middle top teeth and even a slight hint of her bottom fang teeth. and to cope she will "teethe" on anything and everything - including our kitchen table.

she's eating everything we eat now which is a blast and so much easier than separate meals and mealtimes, and she even has some friends...

meet Sophie. Lily's new (and first!) girlfriend near her age (:

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