cloth diapering 2 under 2

This will be a hand full!
While I'm such a fan of cloth diapering, I'm not naive to think this won't be hard. Harder than with just one baby, and perhaps harder than with two babies who are the same diaper size. But it'll be worth it.

BENEFITS to cloth diapering 2 under 2:
- my stage as a mom-of-kids-in-diapers will be over quicker than if the kids were further apart in age (looking forward to that day, hopefully 2 years from now-ish!)
- buying disposable diapers for 2 kids at once would really hurt financially. Since we forked out a few hundred bucks once when we bought Lily's stash, there will be no added cost to diapering LG. Except more detergent and the electricity bill - neither of which comes close to my calculations for the cost of diapers.
- the amount of waste for a family with 2 kids in diapers at once would be HUGE
Glad to avoid that smell/ carbon foot print/ inconvenience (we live in the city, land of no garages... garbage sits INSIDE til garbage day here.)
- when packing for trips away, we won't have to pack two huge bags just of diapers. It will be the same bag we've always brought (just more laundry, le sigh.)

While I think we'll handle it and handle it well, I'm also glad that we aren't going to dive right into cloth diapering. Just as we did with Lily, we'll be using disposables for the first month or so with LG. Today Pharmaprix, or Shoppers Drug Mart to the rest of Canada, had their 20X the Points day and we bought all of LG's uber expensive Pampers Swaddlers Newborn diapers. 
They were also on sale, which was great (normally $23 for $16) but it's still a stinking fortune! 
Thankfully on these 20X days, you get about 25% of your purchase cost back in points, that you redeem for cash. So spending $200 gets you $50 back - handy even though we don't buy diapers there (because we do buy formula and lots of other things).

I *think* I'm ready to do this... but really enjoying just cloth diapering ONE baby for now :)

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