cloth diapering 2 under 2 (part 2)

is that enough 2's for you?

I've been thinking more about my idea to split the kid's diaper stash, giving each babe 10 diapers in their own size (since we use one-size-fits-all diapers I don't want to have to re-size them every time I'm changing a bum). While I think colour-coding will help, I just don't think 10 diapers will be enough. Lily goes through between 6-8 diapers a day, but newborns can be known to use more than 10 a day EASILY. So what if LG runs out of diapers? Then I'm resizing and messing with the colour system...which can't end well. 

I think the only solution is to buy a few more diapers. 

My first instinct was to spend the $25+ per diaper on a few more EasyFits. They're already the diaper we use and love by Tots Bots, so it seemed like an easy decision. Plus EasyFits now come in brown, which I wished they did when I first bought my stash... Except LG won't be a newborn for long so he won't need 10+ diapers/day for long either (hopefully...)

So I cruised over to craigslist and searched for couches lavables (cloth diapers!) and found an interesting option: someone was selling 12 inserts/diapers and 3 Apple Cheeks (size 1) envelope covers for $40. As you may recall, I seriously considered using Apple Cheeks but opted for a 1-part system instead of the 2-part because I thought it would be easier. I also didn't love that they were two different sizes while the EasyFits were one-size-fits-all. Little did I know I'd have my kids so close that having two entire diaper stashes in different sizes would actually be a bonus, not a hindrance... (note: if you want your kids very close in age, a multiple-sizing-system may be for you!). 

Anyway, back to the interesting option. For less than the price of two EasyFits, I could get 3 diaper covers and 12 inserts for LG, in a name I know and trust (and recommend!). With the 2-part system, the diaper cover/envelope cover doesn't always get soaked when you change a diaper either, hence the 12 inserts and only 3 covers, so I potentially added far more than 3 diapers to LG's stash to get him through the change-me-10-times-a-day phase. And the size one diapers aren't even that small... in fact they should fit until roughly 20lbs! Sheesh, Lily STILL isn't 20lbs! Plus they're second hand. Plus they're manufactured in Montreal. Plus the three covers are typical "boy colours" (dark blue, grey, brown). I like it.
So I bought the Apple Cheeks for LG. $40 well worth it, I think. It'll give his stash just that extra edge it may need, and might prevent me from laundering diapers every spare second (though I'm not counting on it!).


  1. Thats great Emily! Corals cloth diapers are in two parts as well, and most of the time I just need to change the liner, and the coverl isn't even wet. Most days we only use one or two covers a day with her (she STILL goes through about 8-10 diapers a day...its all that pooping she does).

  2. soooo good to hear Laura! I'm really pleasently surprised to hear than it 3 new covers (and 12 inserts) will be more than 3 more diapers for LG's stash. I was happy with 3 more, this is just bonus!!