Lily is crawling. Or should I say, her version of it. It's kind of this hilarious-looking attempt at crawling, where she still gets around, but dragging half her body with her instead of efficiently moving one knee in front of the other. We think it's adorable :)

Nonetheless, this means trouble. A mobile toddler is not a good thing. Not in a house that isn't baby-proofed. Not with a mom who waddles quite slowly after said toddler. But what can we do? It's physical progress, and we're proud of her. More physical progress? Fine motor skills. Mad skills. She's learned how to crawl/limp/drag herself over to the DVD player and press the correct buttons to turn on a CD (that was kind of surprising when I heard the Glee soundtrack blaring as I was in the kitchen and Lily was in the living room!) and also how to open things we'd rather her not open. Like her little puff snacks the other day. Oh this girl is trouble!

Oh yes, and like most babies, Lily's favourite toy is the one she can't have - that is any cell phone or Apple product - but it doesn't stop her from trying! And she's considerably harder to stop these days with all the movement...

No Lily, even with your desperate expression and beautiful blue eyes, you can not eat Mommy's iPod.


  1. i think i'm in love with her, wait no, i am! so happy to hear about her crawling :)

  2. Lol, thought this looked like you just sprinkled some cat food out for her!
    Lily, way to go! This is the first of many adventures!

  3. She seriously is SO adorable. Love the pics! I can only imagine what it must be like to keep up with her now. You can do it Em! :)