First Pancake

When Matty and Dahlia came to stay with Brad an I for an overnight this week, I knew I wanted it to be special. Sleepovers are a big deal to kids and the hype is always huge, but I knew there would be a bit of let down when they actually got to our house - we don't have a lot of toys that would interest them, we don't have X Box, we don't have cable or any good tv shows (except CBC in the mornings for cartoons!), and we don't have a back yard for them to play in. I spent most of the day with them at their house, and we were only at our place for a few of their last awake hours, but I wanted them to have a good time, despite our home's lacking in 4-5 year-old pleasures. 

So at breakfast, I knew that meant pancakes. Seriously, I think they're easier to make for a bunch of kids than cereal - far less mess (spilled milk, anyone?), and minutes to make (thanks to our years-old Costco bag of mix that's still going strong!) M and D loved the thought of waking up to cartoons and pancakes so I was happy they were occupied and content, plus, hey, I like pancakes too. But another little one had never had them until Sunday morning... and guess who is also now a fan for life?

 first M and D enjoy their pancakes...

 then someone feels left out...

 so we make her a pancake... Matt thinks the size is HILARIOUS.

 but it still needs to be smaller for that tiny mouth and still-only-2-teeth!

 group shot of the kids. so cute. 

all that's missing is Olivia (Andy and Loni's youngest who is 8 months older than Lily and will be her classmate one day)


  1. Those are some great shots. What adorable kids!!

  2. um Lily is ADORBSKYBEARS! I could kiss those little cheeks all day long!