Lisa's Wedding

I can't stop thinking about my sister's wedding, even days after the fact.
It was literally one of the greatest days of my year. 
To say I'm "happy for her" seems extremely superficial, but there really are no words.

The day was perfect.
The pairing of Lisa and Andrew is perfect.

And before I start crying again just thinking about it (believe me, it's happened too many times already!), I'll let the pictures do the talking.

They're both rowers. They met through rowing. Rowing has defined them for many years. So of course, they chose (as the 1st couple in history!) to be married at the finish line, on the dock while guests watched from the grand stands, of the rowing course of the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta.

The bridesmaids, Lisa, and my Dad arrived by boat to meet our groomsmen at the dock.

My Dad walked Lily and I to my place. Andrew was 1 groomsmen short so I got to walk down a wedding isle for the second time with my Dad. That was really special :)

Then both my parents walked Lisa from the boat to the dock where she met her groom. 
I've never seen Lisa happier.

Then a lovely Justice of the Peace named Ron married Lisa and my new brother Andrew in a brief ceremony. Though Lisa has her own engagement and wedding ring, my grandma "Ga" gave Lisa her ring for the ceremony. In their vows, they included "with this Ring, passed on my Pa and Ga, I thee wed". Most people there had met and known and loved my "Pa" and there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Lily behaved herself beyond anyone's expectations. From the morning while she played on the floor with no toys as I got my makeup done, to the ceremony when she was handed off to my parents...

Then we danced for hours and celebrated the new couple. My body hasn't seen that amount of exercise in months - even with my fit mama dvds, not even close! Lily slept in a stroller for most of the reception, allowing Brad and I to mingle with old friends and family and get down on the dance floor.
Like I said, perfect day.
Congratulations Andrew & Lisa!


  1. beautiful! love how you guys arrived by boat..and she was hid under that pink umbrella!

  2. LOVE, especially that black and white shot, gorgeous :D

    i love that you got to walk down with paps & Lily (:
    also, Lily looks like a DOLL!

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