1st items sold...

I'm encouraged! We sold our Expedit small bookshelf!

I'm sad to see it go because I LOVE Expedit bookshelves. They're really affordable and provide great storage, but we need less storage space in the new place and have less open floor space for large book cases, so off it had to go. We're not making much on it (sold it for $50) but they are only $80 new so it seems like a fair price. If anything, it's just motivating to see some things moving... we have a lot of items for sale that we can't use in our new place and don't want to move only to sell them later. 


my 8 drawer Hemnes dresser for only $25 under the price we paid for it, 3 years ago!
That's $325 that we've made so far...
40% of THE UNICORN is paid for!

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