10 Days later...

Brad is HOME!
10 days ago, he left Lily and I for Spain. To work, be a blessing to the people there, and have a couple of days of personal vacation afterward. He deserved that vacation! He is so hard working and leading up to this trip was spending great lengths of time and personal devotion preparing. He deserved it, but did that make it easy to send him off with a smile? Ha. No.

The greatest gift I can give Brad when he has to leave Lily and I for a few days, is a good attitude about it. Probably one of the most difficult things for me to do. I'll miss him. I'll be alone. He'll be busy and probably not miss us as much. He'll be exploring and experiencing. He'll be among friends. And all I usually want to do slash do is pout about it. Right until he leaves. Seriously, my lower lip has never been so big. But this time was different. Harder in that he was missing his first Father's Day and that I wasn't even home in Montreal. And though harder, it was also better, for him and I, because I sent him off to Spain with a positive attitude. I eagerly asked him questions about his trip - where he's go for his personal time, what he was most excited about, etc. I put on a brave face and even smiled as he left.

At first, I'm not going to lie, I was acting. But for his benefit, it was worth it. But after the obedience of actions, often comes feeling. Too often in this life, if we don't feel something, we don't do it. I'm guilty of that all the time. But this time, 10 days ago, I decided to act before I felt. I decided to bless and serve before I wanted to. And my heart was happier to let him go. His heart was surely lighter too, leaving Lily and I, and leaving for 10 days.

God really blessed those 10 days - for Brad and for me. They went by fairly quickly and we both enjoyed our time apart, though the reunion last night was so sweet. Though I'd rather him never leave. Though there were times it was so hard. Those days were redeemed by not waiting for feelings to act.

10 days later, I feel like I could do it again. I don't want to, but I could. I learned such valuble things in those 10 days.

10 days later, Brad assures me that Lily's face is thinner, she's losing her baby fat, and that her hair is way longer.

10 days later, Brad is more excited than ever to have a big family, and take family vacations with our kiddos.

10 days later, I feel more empowered and independent, yet more in love with my husband than ever.

10 days ever, I appreciate every little thing he does for Lily in I, perhaps 10 fold.

10 days ago I didn't know how I would do it, and 10 days later, I know God was carrying me, and teaching me, and blessing me in my husband's absence. Even with a baby, while pregnant, in the sweaty South.

Oh, and 10 days ago, I didn't know when I'd get in to see a doctor, and 10 days later, I've scheduled my ultrasound (to find out the baby's sex and for a check up) for TOMORROW @ 2pm.

Lots changes in 10 days.

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  1. When J is away so often sometimes I forget these things, but its so true and remarkable the heart does grow Fonder and God will only give you what HE knows you can handle sometimes we have to lean on him throughout but its amazing what you learn about yourself
    always inspiring to read,