15 reasons I'm glad they'll be 15 months apart

It's hard to say that and not be a little overwhelmed.

Two kids babies so close in age. It's going to be a lot.

And the world has had no trouble letting me know (because that's exactly what every super-nauseous-pregnant-mom wants to hear.... how crazy it will be!) So to keep my head on straight and perspective in this house, I've resolved to get excited about the mere 15 months that will separate my first two children. I'm not naive, I know how hard it will be. So we don't need to think about THAT anymore. ok?
  1. Especially if they're the same sex, but even if they're not, the kids will be able to relate to each other during almost every stage of life. Best buds, we're hoping!
  2. Our kids will be only one grade apart and almost always at the same school, so we won't be driving from school to school for drop offs and pick ups.
  3. They'll have the same friends. (Lisa and I are two years apart and that was just enough to keep us in the not-the-same-friends-zone. But all of my friends who were within a year of their siblings always had shared friends) 
  4. If they're the same sex, clothes passed down will never be out of style
  5. Our car seats probably won't expire before we're done having all of our children (they have a 6 year lifespan and we've thought about 4 kids, though with these pregnancies I'm seriously considering 3)
  6. I get two pregnancies under my belt (and over with!!) in a short time. Honestly, my pregnancies have been hard, and I have no desire, 10 years from now, to still be going through this! I say, have 'em young, and get 'em over with! Is that heartless? 
  7. Brad and I are already in "baby mode".
  8. Lily currently still naps three times a day. THREE TIMES. Guess how many times I nap a day? Yep. If she were much older, this tired prego wouldn't be sleeping nearly as much.
  9. By the time the baby is born, Lily will still probably nap twice a day, giving time to focus solely on baby #2, or heck, rest for the weary if baby #2 can get on a similar schedule. Please Lord, please.
  10. With cloth diapers, I won't have to spend more money on diapers, just wash them more.
  11. We can still cart them around easily. With two under 15 months, we could even have baby #2 in the Baby Bjorn (which though they advertise can carry a baby up to 25lbs, is best for the first three months, then it gets uncomfortable), and Lily in the Beco
  12. Our stroller converts into a double, so we don't have to buy another one.
  13. If they're the same sex, sharing a room for a long time won't be unrealistic. My sister and I shared a room until we were 8 and 10 and we missed each other when we got our own rooms.
  14. Right now, as I'm sleeping as much as humanly possible and vomiting just about as much, Lily has not once tugged on my shirt and asked "will you come play with me?". For which, I am eternally grateful. She's so young, she doesn't do much else other than stare at her sick mama and the low maintenance is really carrying me through right now!
  15. Most importantly, we already get another one :)


  1. Love this! I'm 2.4 years apart from my middle sister and 4 years from my oldest sister and they were always my best friends growing up (and still are). It's like having your closest friend over all the time ;)
    So happy for you Emily!

  2. love the new layout!
    good post. you gotta remind yourself of these things and not let others rain on your parade.

  3. Brooke Anderson18.3.11

    I loved these comments! I'm assuming you're following suit with this baby and finding out the sex? (and if so WHEN?? lol)

  4. Shannon Nelson18.3.11

    Yeah, man! Me and my brother are a little under 14 months apart, and he's literally been my best friend our whole lives. I'm sure Lily and second-baby-Morrice will appreciate that you and Brad made this decision. =)

  5. Brooke, around 20 weeks. I'm 7ish.... So not til like June!

  6. Fun to read! Congratulations!! My two are 19 months apart and I'm so glad God blessed us with that timing. They are now {just} two and 3 and the best of playmates. The first few months are a sleepless blur, but it goes by so quickly and it's WAY easier than all the lovely people tell you. {Why they dole out all that "advice" thinking you'll want to hear it, I don't know either.} You're going to love having them this close. And, if they're girl&boy they can still share a room. They don't know any better. Many well wishes to you and your growing family.

  7. Anonymous28.3.11

    this is a great post - just found your blog!

    my advice, for what it's worth is to ensure that you celebrate the individualities of your two kids, especially if they are the same sex. my sister and I are 17 months apart and I sometimes felt as though we did everything together, despite me sometimes (the older one) wanting to be independent from her.
    careful awareness of this would have reduced some of our frustration with each other during our childhood and early teens until we figured out our different strengths etc.

  8. what a great post. i have a 2 year old and 1 year old. they are 12 months and 3 days apart. i fought for those three days! :) everyone thought we were crazy when we announced our pregnancy ... my daughter was only 3 months old, ya know. oh well. he was an accident. but not one. an accident to me. not one to God. so, be proud of your little ones. and their 15 months apart. :) now, i'm thinking i need to write a "12 reasons that i'm glad that they are only 12 months apart" post. but now that they are toddlers i'm pretty sure that i could totally think of more than 12!!! congrats!!!

  9. Thanks and welcome @Tara!
    Sometimes I am totally surprised how much a few kind encouraging words can remind you of the exciting parts of a situation that *could* be hard :)
    Thanks for sharing about your kids, and praise God for those 3 days ;)

  10. thanks @Jane for the wise words. I will definitely keep that unique challenge in mind when I'm celebrating my babes :)