peaches and plums

Probably the most delicious baby food by adult taste bud standards, yet! The smell of warm, cooking peaches and plums fills your kitchen and the taste is so good I want to switch to purées for life.
This one's really easy too.

Just cut and pit both peaches and plums and place them face-down on a microwavable plate.

Cook on high for 3-4 minutes. There will be sappy juices on the plate. That's good. Poor that and the fruit into the blender. SKIN ON! (Skin contains so much of the good stuff, and so often while preparing baby food and our own food it's the first to go. Leave 'em on! We'll take care of them later...) 

 Blend until smoothe

Now, here's the trick. Get a sieve and push the purée through it. This way all the vitamins from the skin have cooked with the flesh of the fruit and blended with your purée, but it won't choke baby. I got my sieve at winners for $5 if you're looking for an affordable place to buy one.

Whatevers left, eat. it's so good and it's not going to hurt you!

Plum to the left, peach to the right. 
That rich red colour in the plum is only found in the skins. If you remove the skins, the purée will be much more blah... and you know how they say colour = good for you when talking about vegetables and fruits!

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