Cloth Diapering Day #2

ok folks, no foolin', they're REALLY EASY!

HIGH - The flush-able liners mean you NEVER have to touch poop. Our mom's cloth diapers didn't have this virtue...

closely related HIGH - her nursery no longer smells of festering baby poop diapers desperately waiting for garbage day, the poop is in the toilet, where it BELONGS :)

LOW - More laundry

HIGH - I don't even mind laundry. I hate FOLDING laundry. No folding with diapers.

LOW - and this is a SERIOUS low. They don't last through the night.
Lily's disposables (Pampers Baby Dry) lasted up to 12 hours. Meaning I would put her down at 8pm with a clean diaper, dream feed her at 11pm, night feed her at 4:30am, and wake her at 7am, and she wouldn't have leaked through her diaper. It would be full to the brim, but no leakage. Nice. Easy Fit Cloth Diapers, no such thing.
I fed Lily at 4:30am and she was SOAKED. Through her pajamas AND Miracle blanket. I've never changed her in the middle of the night, for good reason - she WAKES UP. Had to, plus when I woke her again at 7am she was wet again.

Cloth Diapers are amazing. I'll use them day in and day out. I don't mind the extra load of laundry. Heck you turn on a button and walk away. How is this hard, people? It's the FOLDING that sucks with laundry, and I repeat, NO FOLDING with Cloth Diapers.

HOWEVER, The model I'm using isn't going to last through the night and I can't have that. Luckily I have a solution. When I first researched cloth, I thought I'd use Apple Cheeks, which is a system that requires you buy two parts - the cover and the insert. The insert being the diaper and the cover being the cute little underwear-looking thing that covers the filler (see hyperlinks). I have three INSERTS (read diapers), though I decided on the Easy Fit diapers which come pre-stuffed with liners (read: sanity savers!)

So tonight I'm going to add a liner from my Apple Cheeks stash to my already stuffed Easy Fit diaper, and see if it really gives twice the absorbency (and why shouldn't it?)

Will report back tomorrow!


  1. layering a few absorbent liners are a good idea... hemp is very absorbent.


    disposables for night time. which is what I did. will continue to do? if my mom stops buying disposables on sale and painstakingly getting family traveling between here and TO to pack their luggage full of diapers... still off the cloth diapering wagon.

  2. Thought about disposable for nighttime too. Will probably do that if tonight is a fail. I still have 4 diapers in my diaper bag I forgot about... tempting.

  3. i absolutely love this journey & the play by play. i'm seriously excited to learn more about, well, cloth diapers. because they're awesome + mega cute.

  4. You are incredible for doing this! The environment and our bank account thank you!