2 months in...

one step at a time...
one day at a time...
one month at a time...

and just like that, wow. It gets a LOT easier. Anyone in the first few days/weeks/month of Motherhood, hang in there. Baby gets better at being your baby, you get better at being her mom.
Just like that.

This month was drastically different that last. I can't say Lily's first month was bad, it was what it was. But this month felt so much better. I'm getting the hang of things, and so is she :)

Lily's grown heaps since last month, now she's top of the class in the 90th percentile for height! That's 10cm more than when she was born...crazy. I knew something was up when her poor legs were perma-bent in her onsies even though she wasn't filling them out width-wise! She's like the rest of the babies in this town in terms of weight, at exactly 5oz {11lbs} in the 50th percentile. But that's boring, more importantly...

HIGH - Lily started smiling this month. Not necessarily on cue, but not necessarily gas-induced either. What sweet sweet moments that I wish I could freeze in time. Or even capture on camera. Why is it that every gorgeous smile that takes place my camera is either in the other room or out of batteries? WHY.

LOW - never having a camera for those ahhhhhhhhhh I'm in love with my daughter moments.

HIGH - Lily started on a schedule and is *kind of* following it. It is as follows:
7am - wake up, eat, play (WEP)
8am - nap
10am - WEP
11am - nap
1pm - WEP
2pm - nap
4pm - WEP
5pm - nap
7pm - WEP
4am-ish - wake up to feed (rather, she wakes me up to feed her), and then again the next day!
LOW - did anyone else notice that her schedule allows for only like 6 awake hours in a DAY!? And she takes around 30 minutes to eat, so I only get like 3 hours a day to snuggle her and play with her. That feels REALLY SHORT. Why oh why does she have to sleep so much!?

HIGH - She sleeps so much ;)

LOW - I don't really know how to do life with this new schedule. Like, she's sleeping at 8pm onward. But friends invite us to go to their house... and we can't get a babysitter... but if we take her, she won't sleep... you get the picture.

HIGH - We have feeding down pat. Yes, I have chronic low-milk-supply. Who the heck CARES? I'm over it. I love Lily and I want what's best for her. Being full is best for her, thus formula with a healthy side of breast milk is best for her. Having a mom who isn't bogged down with shame for something she has no control over is best for her too.

LOW - This month FLEW by. The first one was the hardest (or so I hear, and so far I can accredit), so it was a tad sluggish. Plus I was spending many nights awake THE WHOLE TIME so days kind of ran together. This month, especially with scheduling has been so....normal. Days seem proper. Sleep takes place at nighttime. Eating and playing take place during the day. And the days are enjoyed, but so much so, that they disappeared and now are only a memory.

HIGH - it makes me want more babies and fast ;)

LOW - I'm still healing from Lily. I didn't think it would take so long. I feel fairly good, en forme, and all that jazz, but I'm not. Natural birth puts your body through a wild ride and mine's still on the coaster. Hoping to be 100% soon. Doesn't help that my 2 month postpartum checkup was schedule for tomorrow and was pushed back to next Tuesday either. Grrr.

HIGH - we started cloth diapering this month and it's going gloriously. Easier than I thought, and we're saving a bucket load of cash. diapers ran us about $50/month. In total my cloth diaper stash was around $300. In 6 months they'll have paid for themselves!

LOW - some of the money we're saving is going to formula. And breastmilk is free. Oh wells.

HIGH - slowly but surly, I'm fitting back into my pre-Lily jeans. HORRAY!

LOW - slowly but surly, she's growing out of hers (0-3m clothes). Which means no more bear suit. And no more brown leggings with ruffles on the bum. And I need to buy more onsies because her legs are so dang long. Why doesn't she just get her license and start dating guys we don't approve of?! She's literally growing up so fast :)

There you have it. A healing, establishing, and whirlwind month.
I think I'm getting the hang of this.

And I love it <3

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  1. i LOVE how honest and lovely this post is. always so many highs and lows! and lily is soooo adorable. xoxo