Cloth Diapering Day #1

"Is this thing even on right!?"

I was soooo not ready for this. Cloth Diapers. I researched the heck out of 'em. I bought 15 of 'em. In a multitude of cute colours. I thought I was ready.

I started today with disposables. We hadn't intended on using disposable diapers for more than 1 month but then when we actually became parents, we threw those plans out the window. With not having an epidural and me showering every day. Yes. Those plans are happier outside.

So how did I get into this debacle? Lets just say the only problem with starting the day with disposable diapers, is you need to have enough disposable diapers to get you through a day. 11am hits.
And I used my. last. diaper. BLAST!!!
Now, I could run to the store with Lily in tow, in a dirty diaper no less (imagine THAT in a Baby Bjorn? No thanks. The oozing possibilities were enough to set me straight), but that plan again, went soaring out the window.

So, thankfully I did have my stash of well-researched, multi-coloured, cloth diapers.
Staring at me.
"When will you use us?"
"We thought you cared about the planet and your finances..."
"We're ready to go, waiting to grace Lily's bum..."

OK FINE! Just stop heckling me from the storage bin!
Lily is wearing her first cloth diaper as we speak.
She's napping so when she wakes up around 1pm, she'll need a changing. Then we'll see. For someone who researched as much as I did, you'd think it would be an easy transition, but I'm willing to bet it wasn't even on right, and I'll be changing a lot more than a diaper when I go back into that room...

But she's wearing them.
From this day forward...
Unless these plans, like most others, fly out the window.

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  1. I like to think of myself as "green minded" so the cloth diaper dilemma was one that I really wrestled with, especially since my sister swears by them. Not to mention the cost saving factor. My husband (not green minded) was against cloth from the beginning mostly because he "didn't want to be washing poop out of a diaper." I also had a feeling that in the end (and because I can be really lazy) the cloth diapers would prove to be too overwhelming in light of all the other changes and responsibilities a new baby brings on. I just imagined mounds of unwashed cloth diapers piling up and running out because I was too busy to wash them. So.. in short, I resolved myself to disposables and try not to think too much about the landfill I'm contributing to. I do applaud you for going for it! You're a stronger woman than I.

    Oh - and I really appreciated your post a while back about formula and the feelings that can come with using it. I produce less milk for the same reasons you do, and I always feel like I'm failing my child when I have to resort to a bottle of formula.

    Sorry this is such a long comment - but I totally relate on these issues!!!