Baptism: 3 Views

Sinclair B. Ferguson, Anthony N.S. Lane, & Bruce A. Ware teamed up and wrote a book on the three common views on Baptism in the Evangelical Church:
Believer's Baptism, Infant Baptism,
and Dual-View Baptism. I'm excited to read this book because though I'm already going into it with my own bias (I'm a supporter of Believer's Baptism wherein someone gets baptized once they become a Christian and no sooner), the guys advocating the other two views are great men of God who I really respect, so I could definitely learn a thing or two.

It's also something we have thought about as our church is yet to choose a denomination (it's a recent church plant) so our church doesn't hold strong views in this area...yet. Also, we now have an infant on our hands, so it's something a bit more relevant in my life now that say five years ago, when I was baptized, on June 5th, 2005.

Excited to read and report back!

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