yesterday I celebrated my 24th year on earth and my 2nd birthday on the Island of Montreal. Kind of a lie because we moved here for goods on November 1, 2008, but I was a fresh 23 year-old so I'm counting it :)

It's more like b-day week than a particular day... isn't that how it should always be? YES. For a girl who loves gifts AND cake, the answer is YES.

SO. Saturday October 2nd, my Mom and Ga (Grandma) arrive, with gifts in tow. So amazing to see them, and for Ga to meet Lily for the first time. What a precious moment, and a cool accomplishment for our family to have 4 generations all on the same couch! I had a great-grandma (Baba - it's Ukrainian) until I was about 7 years old, and Ga is a lot healthier than Baba was, so Lily is a lucky lady, she should have grandmas and great-grandmas for a long time :)

{a McGuinness, a Terreberry, and 2 Morrices}

Bday started early because they brought a gift from my sister and theirs to me as well. Eep! Of course I have no self control so I opened them to my delight. My sister and new-found sewing buddy got me a rotary cutter and cutting board! YES. Brad thinks it's a pizza cutter, just sharper. I think he's not allowed near it.

My Mom who just came back from celebrating her 50th in Napa Valley, California, brought me back a bottle of Champagne from Mumm Napa! YES. Plus we went on a shopping trip and I got a pair of super comfy skinny jeans since most of my jeans are nowhere near fitting post-Lily. YES again.

My Ga gave me some spending money with which I bought this fab pair of purple Minnetonka moccasins. YES.
I still have some left-over that I'm planning to either spend on cast-iron orange casseroles from Winners that could almost pass for Le Creuset but wayyyy cheaper, or some fun shirts. YES again.

Fast forward to Monday, October 4th. Brad cooks a phenom dinner. Fillet Mignon AND Rack of Lamb... oh yeah. Meat central, just how we like it. Lily slept like baby-that-actually-sleeps. We are also going for all-you-can-eat sushi on Friday afternoon, something I dearly missed whilst prego. And finally he ordered a book for me that is, well, SO ME.
It's called The Recipe Club and is a combination of a novel about friends who love to cook almost as much as they love each other and a cook book, full of yummy recipes.

I mentioned this book months ago, and of course, he remembered. Sigh. and YES.
And finally, on Tuesday, October 5th, my actual birthday Lily gave me this:

{she's SMILING!}

Followed quickly by this...

Why does she insist on peeing when the diaper is OFF?
Less awesome, but wow I love her.

What a great bday!! I'm thankful for a yearly reminder than I was born into this world a small, crying, wrinkly baby, utterly dependent, and completely in need of help and love.
In so many ways, I'm still there, which I remember on a particularly humble, God-fearing day, but too seldom.
Lord, help each year result in me knowing YOU more, and clinging to the temporal less :)


  1. cute! and what a great capture of her pee, whilst remaining appropriate and modest. :)

    happy birthday emily!

  2. Anonymous6.10.10

    Emi - what a wonderful post to your blog - daddy and I are just looking at it and loved it!!! And the smiles....well they are amazing.
    Love Mummer and Daddy

  3. @Deb I was trying to position the camera just so that I could keep her an honest woman ha!

  4. Happy birthday! Sounds like a lovely day/week! :)

    Also, I hope and pray you never get the pee in the mouth. It's not pleasant.

  5. ak! Vanessa! you just made my hoping for all girls OFFICIAL. you're a better woman than I for having experienced that :)

  6. Cute post. I love reading your blog. I'm also happy to hear that your wee one is sleeping better. What a gift!

    Erin Robertson

  7. i love lily peeing but in FAB socks.
    this all sounds lovely (:

  8. Anonymous7.10.10

    i love minnetonka moccasins! i've been so lucky in that i always find them on sale for $25! i'm a loyal minnetonka wearer. it doesn't hurt that whitney port loves them too =)

    happy birthday emily! with many years to come with your ga, mom, and lily!

  9. This is wonderful! I'm glad you had such a great day! 2 things: I didn't know that Lily could get ANY cuter, but alas, she has and I am SO excited to meet her! 2. Where did you get those moccasins?! I'm obsessed!!!

  10. @Morgan & @jen I know I looove moccasins, and Minnetonka mocs have a solid sole so they're not like slippers... I got them at a shoe store in Montreal called Little Burgundy for $60. Don't know if there's a LB in Ontario though...unless it popped up when I moved away.

  11. ps - jenny I didn't know you had a blog too!! uh oh... look what I'm readin' now!

  12. LOVE those Moccasins! I've been wanting a pair and in desperate need of new ballet flats. Do they come in brown?

    ps. the book also looks amazing!
    and last but certainly not least, love those little smiles of Lily's!

  13. hey @Amanda, yup they come in lots of colours - dark grey, redish brown, caramel, light brown, etc! Little Burgundy, soooo cute. I still have about $60 of bday money and might buy a second pair!!!