hellllllllllllllo everybody!!! It is SO.DARN.GREAT to be back! We arrived last night from Paris (we spent a week holidays after Africa in the South of France) and I've been re-Nesting all day.
List of accomplishments by the #
4 loads of laundry. washed, dried, folded, put away.  
3 rooms swept, vacuumed, mopped  
1 home-cooked meal (1st in literally months!)  
1 fridge stocked full of groceries (thank-you Bradford)  
47561304895613 paper towels soaked in windex used to de-dust my home (sorry Earth lovers, not my proudest moment) 

On my TO-DO list
Start house-hunting 
Investigate mat-leave with my employer/province 
Get a prenatal massage (Brad booked it for tomorrow, the Saint!) 
Look for 2nd hand baby stuff (primarily a dresser for MM's cute little clothes!) 
Design MM's birth-announcement (have 10% off at Tiny Prints!) 
Learn more about water-births 
Register for birthing class at the CLSC
ahhhhhhh the Lord knows I've missed blogging so much! Stay tuned for much much much more (2 months worth of more!)

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  1. Welcome back!! I'm just getting caught up! Hope you had a great trip!