Sorbet & Ice Cream

Montreal has been struck by a heat wave!
Each day has had temperatures feeling like over 40 C with the humidity, and by 9:00am it's already 30 C!
I've tried everything... wet, frozen wash cloths, fans, open windows, closing the curtains at strategic times of day when the sun beams in... nothing works. I guess when your home is 100 years old and on the third floor, and AC is non-existent, being sweaty is a given...

Enter: frozen treats {and no baking for a while!}
Chop up 3 cups of any kind of fruit (I did 3 cups honey dew, 3 cups nectarines). Freeze
When frozen (or very firm, maybe 1 hour?), blend with 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup sugar
**sugar is totally optional. It was in the recipe but not necessary, especially with honey dew! today I'm trying double the amount of honey dew and the same amount of sugar because I found it a bit too sweet)
When you've blended both of your batches with water and sugar, refreeze until firm again (another hour about)
I left the nectarine as a sorbet and it was lovely.
For the honey dew I blended in 1/2 cup of 35% whipping cream and another tb sugar.
Today I'll be putting in 1/4 cup cream because 1/2 seemed a bit too heavy, though still tasty!
after adding cream to honey dew, join nectarine sorbet in the freezer until you're ready to serve
Both batches needed a good 10 min to thaw before I could serve them, because you don't use an ice cream maker it's not creamy and fluffy as ice cream is, but it's more refreshing this way and of course easier (and who even has an ice cream maker? not me!)



  1. YUM. I'm going to try this on the mangoes/pineapples that were left in our freezer.

  2. I made it with a whole pineapple just last night - amazing. the recipe for the honeydew is the only one I've tried with cream, it's just so refreshing going the nectarine-recipe-route (i.e. no dairy, just water, frozen fruit, and sugarr.

  3. Strawberry is AMAZING! Loading up this weekend!!!
    Kiwi, not to sure about yet, maybe too much sugar or need to mix with another fruit?