The Weight of a Daughter

I've been thinking a lot about parenting lately...

My baby girl is 1 pound this week, inside my womb. She'll hopefully weight a lot more when we meet her face-to-face in August! But the weight of being her mom is already hitting me.

Yesterday I attended a satellite viewing of a Beth Moore conference. She's a great woman, amazing teacher, and total inspiration for me! She mainly leads women's Bible studies that become turned into study books you can buy and go through for your personal study time in the Bible, but she also tours and does conferences and teaches a weekly Bible study where she's from in the US. Well, she talked about some hugely important subjects yesterday, and so many of them spoke to me directly, but also to my future little girl.

She mainly touched on insecurities and how an insecurity is essentially not trusting God. It's disbelief. If I'm insecure about finances, I'm not trusting God that he can provide. If I'm insecure about my appearance, I'm not trusting God when he says we are "fearfully and wonderfully made and precious in his sight". If I'm insecure about what other people think, I don't believe that the God of the whole universe thinks good of me (and therefore what else matters?!).

That hit me for me. But what hit me for my baby girl was this: Beth challenged us and the other 300,000 women listening from various locations all around the US and Canada,

"What if we really got this?
What if we really believed this?
How would our Christian culture be different?
How would our world be different?
How would our daughters and their daughters

What a privilege to be the mom of a daughter!
What a responsibility!

The way I live my life and the way I walk with God is what my daughter will see far before she's influenced by friends at school, media characters, and the city of Montreal. I was deeply challenged by that truth yesterday. Better get to work, Emily!

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  1. aban Jasoomani25.4.10

    i appreciate this post.
    i was boasting about you this past week.
    i'm SO incredibly proud of you embot...your'e growing, daily into a woman after God's own heart.

    this thrills me immensely!

    hahahah i <3 you, and am looking fwd to witness you grow as a mom.