Lily's 8th Birthday Party!

As most summer babies can relate, it can be hard having a birthday in the hot months. In the summer we rarely see the kid's classmates, and if we do it's on no regular schedule with most people leaving the city on weekends for camping and visiting long distance relatives. We ourselves have been away literally every single year during Lily's birthday! This year, her eighth birthday, was the first time we were all in Montreal and so it felt high time that we threw her a birthday party - her first ever in Montreal!

Lily's birthday is at the end of August a week before the school year began, which meant it was a reunion of sorts for her and her little friends who hadn't seen much, if anything, of one another all summer. It was also a great thing to do before school kicked off again to give Lily a boost socially. Last year was a hard year for Lily with mean girls being mean girls, and though that seems to be in the past (thank the Lord!) it sure was nice hosting a super fun party right before school started to remind them of what a great friend she is :)

As we do with all of our kid's parties, we hosted it at a local park. This is a city family ritual with nobody having much spare space to add a group of rowdy kids. We're really lucky that our kid's birthdays are August, September, and October so that we can always have outdoor parties, otherwise we'd probably have to look at renting something (or just sucking it up and hosting it!). Anyway, we invited all of the girls to our local park in the evening for a couple of hours of swimming, then pizza (we had the pizza delivered to the park!) and a pinata. I made this cake which is a new family favourite and we all had a great time.

I'm so glad we finally got around to celebrating our biggest girl in style, in our home city, with her school friends. This year already seems to be so promising and full of hope for Lily and we are counting our blessings for that and her!


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