High Tea at Rosélys in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel for the Queen's 92nd!

A few weeks back, my friend and fellow Royal-fan, Aimée Bourque and I were invited to enjoy High Tea at Rosélys in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in downtown Montreal. Why is this significant? Well, we went on the Queen's 92nd birthday, to the hotel named in her honour, and we brought our daughters Lily and Clara! It was seriously the most British event this side of the Atlantic and we were soaking up every minute.

Credit for top two photos: Aimee Bourque
There were actual moments when we'd just start giggling in sheer delight at our surroundings - the gorgeous mixed china patterns, the sun pouring into the beautiful tea room, the scrumptious food, and sharing it all with our girls.

The restaurant mistakenly thought our girls would prefer peanut butter and jelly to smoked salmon, so they were in for a surprise when they actually ordered extra salmon! I first met Aimée through a mutual blogging friend (Kerrie!) when I was planning my London trip last Fall, and she had just returned home. I planned most of my food excursions around places she'd visited so I knew we had a shared love for England and good food. What better basis for a friendship?


There are many legitimate opinions on monarchy and government and I don't blame you if you're not as Royals-obsessed as I am, but it's hard to argue with a good cup of tea. Thank you so much for hosting us Rosélys, and on such a special day! Truly one of the loveliest High tea experiences we'll likely ever have! A must for a very special treat if you're visiting Montreal. To the Queen's health! 

This post was in collaboration with Rosélys 
and we were graciously #hosted for this post.
All opinions are 100% my own. To book a collab, contact me.  

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